Current Staff and Trustees

Meet the team

All our departments are operated by our visionary full-time voluntary staff team, who work tirelessly to ensure volunteers visiting Sunseed gain an enriching education. From self-sustainability, green energy, and community living, visitors ultimately gain the knowledge to replicate the skills learnt in their own countries and around the world.

Atreyu, Germany/UK/India, Administration Coordinator

Atreyu supports the invisible structures of Sunseed by managing the accounts, standing in contact with the organisation´s external stakeholders and being part of the internal facilitation team.
Furthermore, by guiding regular yoga and meditation classes he promotes community member’s integral well-being.


Agnes, Poland, Communication Coordinator

Agnes came to Sunseed as an EVS for her passion for permaculture, sustainability and low carbon footprint lifestyle. She fell in love with the project and extended her stay as a full-time staff member taking care of social media, emails, graphic design, photography, internal communication and task management. She studied architecture in Poland and Spain (thanks to Erasmus student exchange program) and worked as a graphic designer in marketing agencies. After hours she is a long distance cyclist, yogi, slack-liner, DJ on salsa parties and was part of a semi-pro dance company.

Gabriel, Brazil, Organic Gardens Coordinator

Gabriel studied ecology (bachelor) with emphasis on plant ecology, restoration ecology and tropical forestry. Later on studied tropical agriculture (master), focusing studies in agroecology in special agroforestry systems. Original from Brasil, born and raised in São Paulo, lived the past years in Natal and Manaus. His mission in Sunseed is to share knowledge and experiences, live life in community, practice and experiment agroecology in a semiarid region. During his free time, he likes to practice some juggling.

Javier, Spain, Organic Gardens Assistant

Javier comes from Madrid. He studied there ecology and plant biology and did his masters as an Erasmus student in Schiller University of Jena in Germany. His mission in Sunseed is to make sure that our gardens are healthy and abundant. In his free time he likes reading about science, but the truth is that he spends most of his free time in the gardens taking care of plants.

Adriana, Spain, Sustainable Living Coordinator

Adriana contributes with her passion for nature and self-sufficiency practices. Her studies in botany and her experience in different rural projects facilitate the development of activities in the project such as medicinal plants, preserving the surplus in the gardens and creating natural cosmetics… In general following a more sustainable lifestyle with ourselves and the environment. Her interest in sociocracy and group facilitation brings to the community a pinch of these ingredients.

Santi, Spain, Maintenance Coordinator

Santi did a training on bioconstruction and carpentry during his EVS in Slovakia and his stay in the “Escuela de Bioconstrucción Los Guindales”. His goal in Sunseed is to learn how to live in the community, keep developing as a carpenter and builder and share with others his experience. He likes spending his free time with people, watch movies and since recently travel with his little camper van!

Luke, UK/Spain, Maintenance Assistant

Luke was born in England and lived in Spain since he was 2 years old. His mission in Sunseed is to learn, grow and share his experiences. His jobs include taking care of the waterline, plumbing and building. He likes MTB, building and playing digeridoos. He also fried at least 780 kilos of potato chips.


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Our Trustees

A board of six trustees has ultimate legal responsibility for the project. Trustees oversee the work of the project and ensure that our aims and objectives are being adhered to, that all financial arrangements are being carried out properly, and that a standard of health and safety is being maintained. In addition to the Trustees we also have a group of advisors who provide support and help to their department of interest, or to the project in general. Most of the Trustees have a specific responsibility to one department at the project which entails the following:

  • Maintaining continuity of oversight.
  • Encouraging and implementing agreed plans and objectives.
  • Supporting the staff member by written contact and discussion.
  • Receiving, reading and acknowledging monthly reports.
  • Receiving, reading and acknowledging periodic summaries, and checking that these appear on the web site.
  • Looking at the viability of new projects.
  • Checking on staff availability.
  • Assisting in the appointment of new staff where applicable.
  • Facilitating the paperwork for contracts, travel details etc for new staff.

Current Trustees:

  • Emma Stopford
  • Steve Lance
  • Hugo Gonzalez Martinez
  • Jyoti Tyler
  • Martin Hyams
  • Diego Chico de Guzman