Current Staff and Trustees

Meet the team

All our departments are operated by our visionary full-time voluntary staff team, who work tirelessly to ensure volunteers visiting Sunseed gain an enriching education. From self-sustainability, green energy, and community living, visitors ultimately gain the knowledge to replicate the skills learnt in their own countries and around the world.

Armelle, France, Facilitation Coordinator
Artist and cognitive scientist with a PhD about dynamics of change, Armelle puts her experience in project management at the service of Sunseed to facilitate the project development and to implement more horizontal organizational structures.


Dario, Italy, Communication Coordinator

Filmmaker and rural activist with experience in several agroecological and community projects, Dario helps to maintain the bridges that keep us connected to the world and to deepen our integration within the local community.


Kostas, Greece, Education Coordinator

Kostas uses his background in Environmental Management and Development Studies to ensure the high quality of the non-formal educational and research activity at Sunseed. “Sunseed combines a communal low-impact lifestyle and its activity as an practical education centre with high research potential towards environmental and social sustainability”.

Gabija, Lithuania, Drylands Management Coordinator

With a degree in geography and experience as nature guide and speleologist, Gabija guides volunteers to explore the landscape and reconnect with nature, while she also works on reforestation and land stewardship projects.


Jon, USA/UK, Organic Gardens Coordinator
Jon’s experience in permaculture projects across Europe helps him manage Sunseed’s many organic gardens, cultivating delicious fresh produce and guiding volunteers to develop new gardening projects.


Lizzie, Netherlands, Sustainable Living Coordinator

Having worked in many community food and agriculture projects, Lizzie ensures Sunseed gets a sustainable and nutritious diet, as well as creatively using the abundance of local nature to create cosmetics, preserves, herbal remedies and much more.


Andreas, Germany, Appropriate Technologies Coordinator

With a background in theoretical physics complimented with extensive hands-on experience, Andreas works to keep Sunseed’s renewable energy systems running, making sure we stay switched on even though we’re off-grid! He supports volunteers on technology projects, from wind-turbines to solar-charging boxes.


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Our Trustees

A board of six trustees has ultimate legal responsibility for the project. The trustees visit the project and meet in the UK three to four times a year together with the Project Manager. Trustees oversee the work of the project and ensure that our aims and objectives are being adhered to, that all financial arrangements are being carried out properly, and that a standard of health and safety is being maintained. In addition to the Trustees we also have a group of advisors who provide support and help to their department of interest, or to the project in general. Most of the Trustees have a specific responsibility to one department at the project which entails the following:

  • Maintaining continuity of oversight.
  • Encouraging and implementing agreed plans and objectives.
  • Supporting the staff member by written contact and discussion.
  • Receiving, reading and acknowledging monthly reports.
  • Receiving, reading and acknowledging periodic summaries, and checking that these appear on the web site.
  • Looking at the viability of new projects.
  • Checking on staff availability.
  • Assisting in the appointment of new staff where applicable.
  • Facilitating the paperwork for contracts, travel details etc for new staff.

In addition the trustees are also responsible for the Project Manager who in turn is responsible to them.
Current Trustees:

  • Rebecca Gibbs
  • Steve Lance
  • Hugo Gonzalez Martinez
  • Jyoti Tyler
  • Martin Hyams
  • Tom Feeney