Appropriate Technology Coordinator

(To be read in conjunction with the Background Information and Selection Procedure that gives additional information about working and living at Sunseed)

The Appropriate Technology department coordinates the maintenance and improvement of community infrastructure, technologies and services at Sunseed.
The two key areas are sun and water: renewable electricity generation and consumption, solar water heating, and solar cookers, water service provision, maintenance of the ram pump and overseeing of the water distribution system.
The coordinator supervises volunteers in choosing and carrying out project work and may run courses. The coordinator also oversees the appropriate technology workshop, using recycled and found materials to solve problems in a low tech and innovative way.
Consultation with other departments on issues of materials, new and existing technology and applications is a vital part that AT plays in the project as a whole.

Core responsibilities:

Improvement and maintenance of community technologies and services

  • Electricity generation and consumption
  • Water service provision and consumption
  • Maintenance of ram pump and distribution system
  • Overseeing water sharing scheme
  • Solar water heating
  • Space heating and fuel production and consumption
  • Maintaining and encouraging use of the solar cookers at Sunseed

Overseeing the appropriate technology workshop

  • Instructing volunteers and staff
  • Maintaining tools and equipment
  • Sorting and acquiring and storing materials
  • Ensuring safety

General departmental responsibilities

  • Running a department in a busy project
  • Advising and working with other department co-ordinators
  • Planning and monitoring a departmental budget
  • Assisting and supervising volunteers in choosing and carrying out project work
  • Documenting work done
  • Planning work to fit in and around other departments and the projects general activities


  • Contributing to courses run at Sunseed
  • Conducting tours of the department, the project and the local area
  • Overseeing volunteers in the department
  • Maintaining up to date information in the library and department files
  • Production of written materials in the form of reports, leaflets, web pages, articles etc.
  • Maintenance of existing exhibits and displays, and the production of new ones

Essential skills:

  • General background in engineering, mechanics and technology
  • Design kills of low technology solutions
  • Experience in some of the following: plumbing systems, pumping, heating, storage, electronics and electricity, woodworking with manual and power tools, metalworking, welding, foundry, photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, water turbines, biofuels, solar heating.
  • Teaching and demonstrative skills
  • Planning and direction of projects
  • Ability and interest in working with recycled materials
  • Interest in Appropriate Technology, in its importance in the world and in its role in the development of sustainable lifestyles
  • Ability to work with others, encouraging contributions from people with less experience or knowledge
  • Ability to accept advice from people with more knowledge, experience or abilities

Desirable skills:

  • Ability to communicate well in Spanish and English
  • Computer Literacy
  • Clean Driving Licence

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