Education Coordinator

(To be read in conjunction with the Background Information and Selection Procedure that gives additional information about working and living at Sunseed.)

The Education Coordinator is responsible for developing the overall educational aspect of Sunseed Desert Technology for volunteers and staff as well as connecting to networks, potential funding sources, a well as other organisations and educational institutions and individuals in a local, national and international level. The position involves close collaboration with the facilitation team and all other Coordinators to ensure that Sunseed’s development as an educational center of experiential/informal learning, through the delivery of successful educational experiences, both internally and externally. The work is diverse and wide-ranging, depending on the skills and knowledge of the successful candidate.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Support the successful completion of the European Voluntary Service programme
  • Facilitation of paperwork and other aspects of internship programs e.g. Erasmus+
  • Researching educational strategies, activities and programmes
  • Networking with local education institutions and projects
  • Making and maintaining relationships with Universities, student associations and other educational groups, etc.
  • Represent Sunseed in public events, like talks and conferences
  • Organize educational activities like: courses, workshops, open days, external visits, school visits, group visits, guided tours, seminars
  • Develop and oversee a working mentoring system for volunteers and staff at Sunseed
  • Encourage the development of the monitoring and the evaluation of activities and learning processes
  • Encourage the participation of staff members in courses and seminars for their further skill development

Other Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining and improving signs around the project
  • Conducting tours and giving information to visitors
  • Organising activities for volunteers within the education department and its work
  • Monitoring and recording internships and feedback forms
  • Maintaining files of important contact information on different organisations/networks, materials etc. and ensuring they are properly archived
  • Writing blogs and articles related to the educational activity at Sunseed
  • Ensuring that all online Project Packs are up to date
  • Researching and writing grant applications to funding sources
  • Organising fundraising events
  • Ensuring that all interns and long term volunteers receive Sunseed certificates

Essential Skills:

  • Commitment to promoting low-impact living and environmental education.
  • Confident in public speaking, workshop delivery and facilitation with young people.
  • Initiative and creativity to explore new opportunities, networks and ideas.
  • Excellent communication skills, including ability to work as part of a closely-integrated team; patience and open mindedness to work with all members of the Sunseed community in a non-hierarchical organisational method
  • Excellent spoken English and Spanish

Desired Skills:

  • Previous experience in educational administration environment
  • Previous experience with grant writing
  • Previous experience living in a community environment
  • Age 25+, full driving license, for at least 5 years
  • Experience of Health and Safety issues
  • First Aid Qualification

Conditions of Employment

  • Currently, financial remuneration for Coordinators is set at 45€ per week, or 180€ per month. We consider this a small subsistence allowance. The benefits of being at Sunseed as a Voluntary Staff member include full board (vegetarian meals and a basic room), a beautiful and inspiring landscape, and a warm, supportive and diverse community. The minimum length of contract for a coordinator is normally 12 months. The maximum number of times of renewing your contract is first year plus 2. You will be entitled to 2 days unpaid holiday per month worked (24 per year total), plus coordinators collate paid public holidays (usually 13 in total).

To apply for this role, please fill in the form

Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted and the position will be appointed once a suitable candidate has been found.