Sunseed Background Information and Selection Procedure

Selection Procedure

The following points apply to all Voluntary Staff positions at Sunseed Desert Technology.


Living at Sunseed as a community member means more than simply doing your job well, you will be expected to put your environment first and personal needs second.

You will be expected to take a full part in community life, relevant meetings and to assist in areas that are outside the specific duties of your post.

All staff participate in the planning and implementation of tasks in their department and contribute to the overall longer-term strategic development of the project.

All staff are responsible for supervising volunteers from different backgrounds, including those on placement projects appropriate to their department.

All people staying longer term at Sunseed assume wider responsibilities associated with the smooth running and general harmony of the project. These include a share of all communal duties such as cooking and cleaning and they also involve setting a good example in areas such as enthusiasm, safe practices, punctuality and socialising.

To support Sunseed’s mission there are various policies (food, chemical, drug), procedures (grievance) and agreements (communal) in place.

Health and Safety

Sunseed expects all its staff (and volunteers) to consider Health and Safety in all aspects of their participation; to take care of their own safety and that of all other volunteers; and to co-operate with the organisation so as to enable it to attain high standards of health and safety in all its activities.

This is of the utmost importance for staff involved in supervising unskilled volunteers in potentially hazardous situations.

General Skills, Abilities and Knowledge Profile


  • Commitment to Sunseed’s mission statement
  • Commitment to Environmental Stewardship and social change.
  • Willing to share knowledge and ideas and encourage learning, teaching and integration.
  • Ability to give short talks and guided tours
  • Willingness to live simply and to community living
  • To uphold and follow the policies of Sunseed
  • Ability to be flexible and co-operative and be prepared to contribute in all areas of the project as needed
  • Ability to co-ordinate and supervise both short-term volunteers and those doing long term projects
  • To ensure tools and equipment are well managed, cleaned, repaired
  • To take part in events and support community projects
  • To take a full part in the life of the community and fair share of chores
  • To attend any community meeting
  • Able to plan ahead and manage resources
  • Able to manage a budget and create
  • Friendly, collaborative and welcoming attitude to all volunteers
  • Able to interact effectively with a wide range of people

  • Some knowledge of Spanish language
  • Good spoken and written English
  • If over 25, a full driving license valid for driving in Spain

Conditions of Employment

  • Currently, financial remuneration for Coordinators is set at 45€ per week, or 180€ per month. We consider this a small subsistence allowance. The benefits of being at Sunseed as a Voluntary Staff member include full board (vegetarian meals and a basic room), a beautiful and inspiring landscape, and a warm, supportive and diverse community. The minimum length of contract for a coordinator is normally 12 months. The maximum number of times of renewing your contract is first year plus 2. You will be entitled to 2 days unpaid holiday per month worked (24 per year total), plus coordinators collate paid public holidays (usually 13 in total).
  • The Assistant position is remunerated with a small stipend of 40 euros every 3 months to cover the very basic needs and expenses that can incur. All food, accommodation (shared room), and amenities are provided (internet, soap, eco-detergent, etc.). After an initial 3 months period there is a chance for both parties to reaffirm the agreement. The role is intended to introduce the assistant to living and working at Sunseed, as well as to learn the skills required to become the coordinator, which is the main reason the role exists. The assistant will be supporting the coordinator of the department in the morning. In the afternoon, the assistant can focus on a personal project that benefits Sunseed ideally in the same department or in a different department. This would have to be agreed upon with the coordinator. The assistant is free to take holidays when needed and in accord with the coordinator of the department. Furthermore, assistants are encouraged to look at other ways they can earn money whilst staying at Sunseed.
  • Living on the project involves a commitment that extends far beyond the specific duties of your post. You will be called upon to assist in areas that are outside these and can include anything from greeting new volunteers, rodding blocked pipes to digging out the irrigation. There is a rota for coordinators for duty weekends, these days can be taken in lieu as paid holidays.
  • All staff at the Project are covered by emergency medical EU-resident visitors to the Project are asked to bring an authorised E111 form or equivalent to cover possible local medical attention and to have up to date tetanus jabs.