Sustainable Living Coordinator

(To be read in conjunction with the Background Information and Selection Procedure that gives additional information about working and living at Sunseed).

About the role
The Sustainable Living department co-ordinates the smooth running of Sunseed’s low-impact lifestyle. The department works closely with others to ensure integration, and all visitors contribute to it through shared cooking and household duties. The department is central to educating all volunteers in everyday low-impact, sustainable living and bringing awareness to the no chemical policy. The Sustainable Living Coordinator implements the Sunseed Food Policy to ensure an ethical, healthy, vegetarian diet, and oversees the assistant in the coordination of the kitchen. It is a very broad role involving many different tasks and getting to the core of community life, keeping the focus on the importance of an integrated and environmentally-aware community.

Key Responsibilities

  • Household

Overseeing the smooth running of Sunseed’s low-impact household
Orientating the volunteers at their arrival and educating them in low-impact living
Organizing the accommodation and the communal area
Supervising hygiene, health and safety, cleanliness, tidiness
Publishing and updating rotas, notices and routines
Implementing and encouraging no-chemical policy
Making organic soap and toothpaste

  • Food Management

Overseeing the implementation of the Sunseed Food Policy
Promoting solar and energy-efficient cooking
Overseeing the SL assistant in the smooth running of the kitchen and food storage
Preserving excess produce from the gardens
Foraging wild plants and promote their use
Processing olives and almonds
Baking bread

  • Other Tasks

Organizing Sunseed’s presence at local markets and festivals
Documenting and evaluating work undertaken

Desirable Skills

  • Ability to communicate well in Spanish and English
  • Experience in community living, bread making, preserving
  • Age 26+, full driving license for at least 5 years
  • Ability to drive a van
  • First aid training

To apply for this role: Please fill in the form

Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted and the position will be appointed once a suitable candidate has been found.