Technical Assistant

About the role
The technical assistant will work within the three technical departments, assisting the corresponding coordinators in Appropriate technology, Maintenance and Eco-construction.
The Appropriate Technology department coordinates the maintenance and improvement of community technologies and services at Sunseed. The Maintenance department is responsible for the maintenance and efficient running of the project’s infrastructure, including the village’s irrigation line. The Eco-Construction department involves all-round skills ranging from building using local materials, plumbing repairs to joinery. The project has four traditional Andalucian houses to maintain in the village of Los Molinos del Rio Aguas.

About Sunseed
Sunseed is a vibrant, intercultural community where each member contributes to the smooth running of everyday life, taking on responsibilities to assure a supportive communal environment. We are all part of this group, working closely with each other and respecting each other. The ideal candidate would be comfortable with, or ready to explore, this balance of community living, Water Management responsibilities, and personal life.

Core Responsabilities

  • Assisting the supervision of the renewable electricity system
  • Assisting the maintenance of the irrigation line and ram pump
  • Overseeing the water distribution system
  • Assisting with general repairs
  • Supervising volunteers in choosing and carrying out project work in the technical team
  • Contributing to courses and events run at Sunseed
  • Documenting work done
  • Ensuring safety

Skills, abilities and knowledge


  • Experience in one or several of these: eco-construction techniques, hydrology, plumbing systems, electronics and electricity, carpentry, welding, foundry, photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, water turbines, biofuels, solar heating, etc.
  • Ability to communicate well in English
  • Ability to work with others, encouraging contributions from people with less experience or knowledge
  • Interest in working with recycled materials


  • Ability to communicate well in Spanish
  • Computer Literacy
  • Driving License

The position will start as soon as a suitable candidate is found. This is a 3 months renewable contract.