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Spring – Summer ECM News 2011


  • Irrigation line maintenance
  • Re design washing area
  • Working on windows, door frames & insulation for the house.
  • Working with caña
  • Re-design kitchen
  • Built furniture & bench
  • Refurbishment of ECM workshop
  • Reciprocal frame roofing includes: using recycled materials, living roof, rainwater catchment from the roof, drainage systems.
  • Re painting the houses, Geoff’s & Gayes.


  • Working with caña:
  • New caña bridge built with volunteer/intern Freddy Harris.
  • River & pools cleared from caña
  • Built a boat
  • Shredding for sawdust to be used in gardens.
  • Made shade structure for the outside patio area
  • Re-made outside information point, with caña and new roof with shingle tiles made out of recycled pallet wood.Other works includes:
  • Made information board from pita (agave) wood.
  • Extensive repairs of our irrigation line.
  • Re-build of our clay oven
  • Course on Kachelofen Thermal Mass Stove
  • Clay brick making.


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