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EPF / CE Communication & Education Department Summary 2012

One year ends leaving so many haverst and good memories of the work done during this year….

In 2012 Sunseed hosted a great team in the CE department: adding to Patricia Cañas de CE Coordinator, there was Martin Hyams from January till June and when he left Cassandra Caroline came to help in the department from July till 2013.

All together we have reach the main objectives of the department for the year and also add some more extra….


 During 2012 we have been organising and carring out 6 residential courses, both weekend and full- week courses. 40 adults from different countries in Europe and from Spain have participated in these courses.

The themes of the courses were as follows:

Thermal Mass Stove – Kachelofen
Natural Clay Plaster Finishes
Design and Installation of Photovoltaic Systems
Pedal Power Machines
Seeding Change – Personal growth and Social transformation
DIY Solar Hot Water System

Guided Tours to Sunseed

 Throughout the year Sunseed carries out guided visits to the project, which are open to the public. EPF promotes and runs General Tours of Sunseed every other Tuesday and have also been set up other appointments on various different days and times.

During 2012 as a whole, we have received around 60 individual visitors to these tours.

There have also been visits and workshops in different departments, for specific groups. We have hosted:

15 students from IES Santa Maria del Aguila
40 students from IES Las Norias
10 young people from the NGO Jovenes y Desarrollo for a week.


During the year CE have run several seminars for volunteers and staff about: Ecovillages; food sovereignty, NVC Compassive Communication and Dragon Dreaming project design with some documentaries about it.

Studens in Interships

We have been formalizing collaboration agreements with several Universities & students for students placements & internships; as for example  Brandenburg University in Germany, CATT Innovation Management GmbH in Austria, Ca Foscari University in Venice – Italy..  Finalizing hosting agreements for 7 students in internships granted by EU funds Erasmus or Leonardo, from 1 up to 6 months.


We have been working at different levels:  Local, bio-regional, national, European, international.

So we are part of a variety of different networks, for example:

  • Local associations: Keep and improve the contact and collaboration with local associations: Friends of Sorbas, La Pita-Escuela, Ecologists in Action…
  • Cooperativa Integral Cabo de Gata. Becoming members of it, taking part in the monthly meetings and planing activities together.
  •  Tecnologias al Sol(Sun Technologies) gathering in Orihuela – Alicante. Doing a Sunseed presentation. 30 participants.
  • Ecoaltea:Sunseed participated in the Ecoaltea Fair in Alicante for the 3rd year, with a stand and 3 presentations: Sustainable enterprising, Dragon dreaming Project planning and Ecovillages. 150 participants.

  •  Ecovillages Network.Participation in the 2 annual meetings of the Iberic Network of Ecovillages (RIE); the winter in Valdepielagos Ecovillage in Madrid and Summer gathering in Los Portales Ecovillage in Sevilla, runing a workshop about Dragon dreaming Project planning. 50 participants.

From that las meeting Sunseed  has been choose to host the next Iberic Ecovillage internal gathering, happening next winter 2013 !!!!!


We have host a Documentary filming;  Carlos, Jean luc Danneyrolles and Samuel, from the Frech project “Le potager d ́un curieux”.

Also several magazines, newspapers and freelance journalist have come to Sunseed and talked with the CE team to write articles about the project, such as the Green Guide Olive press.

We keep our relationship with the Spanish Magazine Ecohabitar, publishing 4 articles per year about Sunseed good examples of sustainability.


 We have been working in different areas of the fundraising:

  • Working on the re-launch of FOS Friends of Sunseed (on going)
  • working on the application of the EVS (on going)
  • Applying for a EU Grundtvig seminar “Seeding Change” that was approved

 That was one of the greatest outcomes of the year. Receiving the Grundtvig grant from the European Lifelong Learning Program aloud Sunseed to organise the European course Seeding Change – Tools for Personal growth and Social transformation.

That hosted 18 participants from different EU countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romany, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Ireland, UK and the Netherlands), without any cost for them, all covered by EU Commission.

The course was innovative and unique and worked on:

  • Local economics & transition movements towards a more sustainable society
  • Practical resources for low-impact and sustainable living
  • Permaculture – using design principles in life
  • Tools for personal change and growth
  • Tools for developing community resilience
  • Participatory processes for groups
  • How to make successful projects every time
  • Conscious Communication skills – effective listening, non-violent communication, and conflict resolution

That was a magnificent closure of the year for the department, getting together the full team: Martin, Cassandra and Patricia, together with Kirsty running the workshops; with the support of all Sunseed team!!!

And now, after 3 years, myself Patricia, is getting ready to pass on the EPF/ CE Coordinator position to a new person full of energy and enthusiasm for promoting a sustainable way of living; so I’m preparing the handover and all the necessary information for it to be successful.

Giving thanks to all the persons, staff, volunteers, trustees, neighbors, friends that meet during all this time at Sunseed and aloud me to learn, grow, live, love and laugh together. I have warmest memories from this 3 years 🙂


 Patricia Cañas Rios
EPF / CE Coordinator 2010-2012

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