Biomass Gasification Stoves

When: Back to Calendar September 28, 2013 – September 29, 2013 (all-day)
Where: Sunseed Desert Technology
Contact: Paco Ibáñez


Course Biomass gasification stoves.
Date Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of September 2013
Place Sunseed, Los Molinos del Río Aguas. Sorbas, Almería.
Brief Using biomass gasification stoves, TLUD type, for cooking.
Justification The biomass gasification stoves offer us a number of advantages over other combustion systems:

  • Clean-burning of the wood gas in a smoke-free combustion.
  • Facilitates a stable flame quickly after starting.
  • High energy efficiency due to the complete combustion of biomass. Low gas emission.
  • Allow unattended use for long periods of time.
  • Use of a wide variety of dry biomass as fuel, including types not usable by other systems.
  • Autonomy from fuel suppliers.
  • Carbon sequestration in the form of bio-carbon, which is not emitted into the atmosphere and can be used in agriculture with various functions.

In this course, each participant will build its own biomass gasification stove for cooking that will take in ownership.

Addressed to People who want to experience and understand the phenomenon of gasification of biomass and its use as an energy source for cooking.
  • Justify the use of biomass as fuel for cooking.
  • Understanding the principles of the gasification.
  • Recognition of the biomass close to us as fuel for stoves gasifiers.
  • Collect and prepare biomass for fuel.
  • Understand the main designs of biomass gasification stoves.
  • Individualized construction of a stove and its implementation.
Program Saturday September 28th

10:00 Welcome. Presentation of the course. Coffee and tea.

10:15 Gasification of biomass theoretical presentation.

11:30 Break. Coffee and tea.

11:45 Types biomass stoves. Choose of design to build.

13:30-16:00 Rest & Lunch.

16:30 Building stoves workshop.

18:00 Break. Coffee and tea.

18:30 Preparation of the local biomass as fuel.

20:00 Dinner

Sunday September 29th

09:00 Breakfast

9:45 Testing stoves.

11:15 Break. Coffee, tea and toast prepared with the participants’ stoves and the biomass prepared previously.

11:30 Experimenting with a stove sized to large volume cooking. Experience in generating bio-char.

14:00 Lunch

15:00 Conclusions. Comments and opinions about the course. Farewell.

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Booking conditions for all courses and Workshop

This course will be run in English and Spanish. You need no previous experience or knowledge to join a course with us – all are welcome. In addition to learning lots of new things you will also be part of a low impact community in the beautiful surroundings of Los Molinos del Rio de Aguas in Southern Spain. FOR JOINING A COURSE BOOKING IS NEEDED

  • Refunds up to two weeks prior to course (minus  admin fee).
  • No refunds for cancellations within two weeks of course.
  • If there’s not a minimum of bookings, course will canceled and refunds will be 100%.
  • 10% surcharge will be applied for air travel.
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