SEED SAVING: Heirloom and other Open-pollinated Varieties

When: Back to Calendar October 5, 2013 (all-day)
Where: Sunseed Desert Technology
Contact: Clara Ruiz de Gauna


Sunseed’s organic garden Department invites you to a one day workshop of seed saving with Fred Groom.

With the widespread use of hybrid and modern varieties and the dominance of a few multinational seed companies, we experience an incredibly rapid loss in diversity in our gardens and on our plates. Learn how to select and save your own seeds from different varieties of veggies and aromatics: adapt your varieties to your personal choices and your garden’s needs, maintain and enhance productivity, save money on seeds, interchange with fellow gardeners, become independent from the availability of one or another variety and the international seed business, contribute to the preservation of our cultural and enjoy a closer connection with and deeper understanding of your plants and garden.

Topics covered:

    • GMOs, hybrids, heirlooms – what is that all?
    • Plant taxonomy: family-genus-species-variety
    • Basic plant physiology: flowers, pollination
    • Avoiding cross pollination and maintaining your varieties pure
    • Proper harvesting, cleaning and storage of your seeds

This workshop does not require previous knowledge and skills – it helps to have gardening experience.

The weekend course consists of 6-8 hours of theory and practice, presentations, chats, garden walks and practical examples of hand pollination, seed cleaning, building an isolation cage and lots more. It is held in English and Spanish.

The workshop is on Saturday 5 October.

Booking conditions for all courses and Workshop

This course will be run in English and Spanish! You need no previous experience or knowledge to join a course with us – all are welcome. In addition to learning lots of new things you will also be part of a low impact community in the beautiful surroundings of Los Molinos del Rio de Aguas in Southern Spain. FOR JOINING A COURSE BOOKING IS NEEDED

  • Refunds up to two weeks prior to course (minus  admin fee).
  • No refunds for cancellations within two weeks of course.
  • If there’s not a minimum of bookings, course will canceled and refunds will be 100%.
  • For further information and to register,  contact us

If you would like to hear about our courses please keep an eye on this page or contact us and request to join our mailing list.

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