Organic Gardens Assistant needed

We are currently looking for an Organic Gardens Assistant. See job description below. Please contact Fred at if you are interested.

Organic Gardens Assistant Job Description


Specific techniques in horticulture are required to work the terraced system, irrigated by an irrigation channel that dates back to Moorish times. The project currently uses twelve gardens to produce a wide range of food crops such as tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, garlic, broad beans etc as well as herbs and fruit.

The role of the gardens are:

  1. To provide food for the project

  2. Education and research

  3. To improve environmental integration by maximising the cycling of our waste materials.

Our gardens are run strictly according to organic principles. Careful soil management is especially important because of the type of soil (alkaline) and the effects of flood irrigation. Our soil is maintained using compost made on site and manures. No artificial chemicals are used, neither to increase fertility nor combat pests.

Working in the gardens is always popular with volunteers and it is therefore important to be able to work effectively with a wide range of people.

The gardens team consists of one co-ordinator (responsible for the overall planning and management of the gardens) and one or two assistants.

 Desirable skills and knowledge for assistant gardeners:

  • Planning and production of vegetables and fruit

    • Using a mixture of methods such as crop rotation, companion planting, intercropping

    • planning sowing and transplanting times

    • plant propagation

    • preparing beds

    • fruit tree care

  • Soil Management

    • starting and maintaining compost heaps

    • crop selection

    • mulching

    • irrigation techniques

  • Nutrient Cycling

    • managing humanure

    • storing and using urine

    • preparing liquid feeds from local plants

  • Pest Control

    • using organic methods for prevention and treatment of pests and diseases

  • General skills

    • Working with volunteers with a range of previous gardening experience

    • Ability to do physical work in very hot conditions

  • Desirable

    • Some spoken Spanish

    • Clean driving license

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