A project, a memory, a trace

Once upon a time, a young Belgian girl left her country in search of adventures in an eco-village in Spain. Sunseed Desert Technology was now her new shelter.
This little girl’s dream was to learn about sewing. It started to become true when she met an Ecuadorian woman with whom she restored life to damaged cloth transforming them into new things such as sweet handkerchiefs or tablecloths.
The story has been spread and a new project was suggested to her: to continue and finish the encouraging work that previous sunseeders had started of building a new dome. The girl knew the importance of seizing challenges and opportunities when they appear to her. So she soared and jumped deeply into this wonderful new adventure. 
A couple who build yurts helped her to bring her project to fruition. Their combined knowledge and sense of humour made this experience unforgettable.
Each day the tiredness built up and made its way through the arithmetics and the different attempts to achieve the end result. However, the more days that passed, the more their team became a real family and the dome started to take shape. The girl could stay hours contemplating the shadow of the trees reflecting inside the spherical structure. Once the fabric was ready, other volunteers came to help. That is how on a beautiful day of the end of April, the dome was completed.
Right after being accomplished, the sphere became filled with a new air. An air with the softness of a loving gaze, with the perfume of laughs, with the lightness of liberty. It was the ideal timing to welcome the permaculture course on our land. The participants elaborated distinctive designs to spread the dome’s soul around its surrounding area. Their remarkable work touched the girl.
Everyone did their part towards it. Together we go further. Together we grow up. Together we build. We build a better world where we can share knowledge.

SunseedA project, a memory, a trace

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  1. Louis Gagné

    Bravo Célia!
    Again and again, bravo for all you did and “do-me”.
    The drawing is beautiful and the picture of you with the cap, the sunglasses and the drill is very nice… I mean “you” are!
    What a wonderful person you are indeed.
    Keep on going and doing… I feel the world changing “touched by the soul of your hands”!
    Louis, xxx
    Say hello for me to your friends at Sunseed.

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