A new Hope

Getting out of Sunseed for a few days has been the perfect opportunity for me to realize how much I miss the mountain and the green of the trees. The energy of the Pyrenees is unique and in a perfect contrast with the desert of Andalusia. It also made me realized, once again, how the outside society is so unaware of the emergency of the world situation. Our small community, based on permaculture and developing an alternative way of life with a non chemical policy is a drop in the ocean compared to the rest of the world. I feel disconnected. To me, most of what seems to be a society’s priority is fake, superficial and doesn’t make sense. On the contrary, the environment, which is an emergency, is degraded as an option for most of us. It’s getting harder and harder to connect with people who still believe in capitalism. I feel like being on a train which is about to hit the mountain. No one is realizing we have been victim on the biggest lie ever: There is no tunnel, just the mountain. Most of the passengers are asleep but me and a few others are fully awake and aware of the situation. We are desperately trying to wake everyone up but the soft music and fake smiles of the hostesses keep them deep in their sweet dreams. I feel useless, angry and frustrated, especially when the driver is speeding the train up. He has been told that faster he will go, better pay he will get. I wonder if he knows there is no final destination. Yesterday my frustration was even stronger. The driver, as usual, didn’t put attention at one of the thousand emergency speed’s limit. He failed, again. Yesterday, in France, the government rejected a law in favor of a sustainable and ethic agriculture. The government refused to: put camera in abattoirs, to stop the massacre of baby chicken which are crushed alive, to prohibit the castration of baby pigs without anesthesia or to develop free caged chicken eggs. They refused to protect our kids by offering veggies meals option in schools or to prevent obesity by controlling advertisements or the composition of sweets and candies. They even refused to inscribe in the law the prohibition of the glyphosate in France. Last November, after the decision of the European Union to give to Mosanto a free access to Europe (or I should say, to officially give to Mosanto the right to kill us) Macron had promised us that the biggest pesticide ever would never enter to France. It must be exhausting to constantly lie. However, it’s so much more exciting to deal with the devil. Let’s go a bit faster! After all, who has never dreamt of a huge fictive number on a bank account? Plus, the hostesses just gave us some warm blankets and pillows so no need to panic. At the same time, one of the person for whom I have the most admiration is going on a trial for the 3rd time. The reason why: healing people with natural and sustainable resources. The French Medical Council must feel very frighted to accuse a 80 years old man who is just, in an ethical way, saving people life’s from the diseases created by our society. I swear I tried to understand how this world function but my brain doesn’t have this capacity. I feel stuck, trapped. I can’t go back to sleep, neither escape from this train. All I can do is accepting the situation and finding a way to protect myself from the big crash. I won’t stop that train but maybe, with the others awaken, we can put our energies together to build, now, an emergency exit. It will still be painful to jump from a full speed train but it seems to be our only option. For the others sleepers, I hope sending them our full compassion will help them to wake up before hitting the big roc

SunseedA new Hope

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  1. mark

    You are so right, the people are sleeping because denial is so easy. It means that you put the responsibility on those in power…we are so very lazy. However, once the shit hits the fan then and only then will everyone wake up. Prepare yourselves and take personal responsibility for your actions…thats all you can do to maintain hope. I have been campaigning on climate change etc. since 1985..and we have moved one inch. I was in those days shouted at, spat at, told to cut my hair and get a job ( I had a job!).
    My opinion is that you have to let the train hit the mountain…its the worst possible thing I know, but it will be the only thing that makes the people wake up. In the meantime foster community and enable the sensible ones to escape the rat-race and there are millions out there disillusioned with the way it is but dont know what to do. Yesterday I met a plant biologist and he said ” Dont worry, we fixed the hole in the ozone layer, we fixed acid rain so we will fix climate change” and I told him ” I dont think that there s the political will to do it because the multinationals think it will affect their profits…and then only when they realise how much they will lose will they actually do anything…and by that time it will be too late” Good luck and remember you are not alone..there are millions of people who want to see the change

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