Thanks to our Water Activists

We were absolutely delighted to welcome all our local water activists and supporters last weekend for our third edition of Defend the Water Festival right here in Los Molinos. With an array of artisanal stalls selling jewellery, crafts and natural cosmetics, a brilliant line-up of musicians and DJs and a host of speakers spreading the message about the water problem in Almeria, not to mention a delicious menu of homemade and organic food, we were able to raise 2252.63€. It is a huge success being almost 1000€ more than last year!

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated and made this event so special, and to our wonderful volunteers who cooked, cleaned, erected the caña structures and welcomed guests throughout the day. The money raised will fund the water campaign and our environmental lawyer who is fighting for the rights of our local aquifer which is being sucked dry by the surrounding olive plantations. And with plans to install a golf course in Almeria in the coming years, this battle becomes ever more precedent.

Special thanks to:

  • Acuíferos Vivos – for networking, being in charge of the information point and making sure that the purpose of our coming together and defending the water is shared with everyone.
  • Manolo, Andrés – for the guided tours
  • Cuadrilla del Maestro Gálvez, Soul Rebel, Retro Heretic, Japu Selektah, Mr. Wolf, Juliet Russel, José Alfredo and Pilar – for entertaining us and sharing the local joyful music
  • Iñaki – for taking care of the soundsystem and Marta for supporting the sound technician role.
  • Layla – for organising yoga workshops and taking care of our body-mind wellbeing
  • Dave Dene – for organising the documentary screenings and giving the electricity for the festival (together with Graham)
  • Pita Escuela, Inside the Dome, Cerveza Filabres, Silvi, Debbie, Jessie, Oscar, Juliana, Antonio, Luciá, Ediciones Fantasma, Juan, Irene, Manuma, Maria Lage – for making our market vibrant and donating for the cause
  • Pedro, Adam, Dani, Agnes for taking beautiful photos
  • Volunteers from Los Baños for offering a beautiful ritual
  • Andrea, Raphael, Pietro and Ellie for offering activities for the kids
  • Banco del tiempo for coming with such a big group and involving people in our case
  • Cuevas de Sorbas for the support
  • Extinction Rebellion, el Salar de los Canos for connecting with us and giving a talk


  • Adriana for taking being in charge and coordinating the team music and logistics
  • Tatjana for coordinating all the rotas
  • Almu and Anna for taking care of the market
  • Decoration team for preparing the shade structures and making the site pretty before, during and after the event (Lorelei, Ellie)
  • Dani and Paloma coming all the way from Madrid to support us with decoration, logistics, bar and mental support
  • Technical team – Tom and Dani for coordinating installation of lights and making sure that everything works smoothly
  • Gabriel, Marie, Rose – for coordinating the catering team
  • Agnes – for coordinating the logistics and the communication with the help of Vitalie and Filip who prepared beautiful poster design
  • Atreyu for final accounts
  • And everyone who participated in all the rotas cleaning, cooking, taking care of the market and being support in this process – Candice, Pietro, Hanna, Nerea, Sophie, Magnus, Adam, Dimitri, Tatjana

Once again, a huge thank you, and look out for future updates on our fight for the water!

SunseedThanks to our Water Activists

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