Studying Soil Erosion in Drylands

Over the past month, our interns Pietro and Nerea have been carrying out a project about soil erosion that they will later use for their final projects at University. Pietro, University of Bologna (Italy), and Nerea, University of Aarhus (Denmark), have been gathering knowledge about the soil to assess one of the driest areas of Sunseed that sits in the Sorbas Gypsum Karst natural park.

The objective of the study is to better understand land degradation, which is being caused by climatology, topography and human activity. To carry out the study, our interns have been running a series of tests to analyze the soil and vegetation in the area, experimenting with a random selection of plots. The tests include vegetation cover, plant identification, infiltration of water, soil compaction and soil texture.

After gathering the data, Pietro and Nerea will create a map with all the different characteristics of the area, and propose restoration plans to recover the quality of the soil and biodiversity. They hope to not only bring benefit to the environment, but also to local residents, by reversing desertification and all the issues that come with it.

This study forms a great basis for future interns also wishing to investigate desertification and soil erosion.

Find out more about our internship program here.

SunseedStudying Soil Erosion in Drylands

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