Traditional watering techniques

I had been here for little under a month when I was granted the great pleasure of having a small part of Paradise under my care.

SunseedTraditional watering techniques

A big fresh start for Sunseed’s organic gardens!

Hello everyone! My name is Jon Davison and I am the new Organic Gardens Coordinator here at Sunseed. I arrived here at the end of September, and what an adventure it’s been already! I have already seen a few volunteers come and go, and, rather unfortunately, a coordinator as well (We miss you Fran!). But that’s just a part of …

SunseedA big fresh start for Sunseed’s organic gardens!

Closing the circle: making your own compost lasagne

At Sunseed I realized how many resources are wasted everyday when you just throw your kitchen waste away. When I came here, I did not know anything about compost or how you can fertilize the soil you want to use for planting. I was very impressed by the ‘compost lasagne’ system we have in Sunseed. It makes our gardens much …

volunteerClosing the circle: making your own compost lasagne

First steps to achieve food sovereignty – Kokopelli

The Agro-biodiversity is in serious danger and here at Sunseed we have begun to collaborate with different networks of exchange/recovery of traditional local horticultural varieties. Kokopelli is one of the most important associations at European level and we have the honor to grow some of their pure seeds. Thanks to initiatives like this, we have the possibility to recover flavours, which we …

SunseedFirst steps to achieve food sovereignty – Kokopelli

How to trim a loquat / níspero tree

A few weeks ago in the organic gardens we worked with the loquat / níspero tree. This tree gives little orange fruits with black pits in April/May. In the beginning of February the blossoms are starting to fall and it’s obvious, which flowers have been pollinated because little green fruits appear. Last year the Níspero trees did not get enough water …

SunseedHow to trim a loquat / níspero tree

Sunseed Updates!

The Sunseed team has been very busy this week trying to keep up with all of the exciting changes. A lot of new faces have been passing through the village to get a taste of sustainable living. These visitors had the treat of getting the full sustainable living tour during their stay. In addition, the visitors ate meals with the …

SunseedSunseed Updates!

Blushing Toms and a Fresh Garden Team

A taster of the delights to come… These beauties are our very first tomatoes of the season, long awaited and quickly consumed! We have a whopping 9 varieties of tomatoes in the garden this year including: Black cherry, Yellow pear (pictured), Millefleur and Rose pointy (pictured). Many of these are from seeds that we were able to save from last …

SunseedBlushing Toms and a Fresh Garden Team

Adiós Fred

This week we bade farewell to our Garden Co-ordinator Fred who left us to continue his ecological adventures on a cycling trip around Andalucia and beyond, taking in other eco/gardens/community projects. Fred’s work here has been a pretty epic undertaking – turning whole new swathes of land and some existing areas from bramble-covered wildernesses into productive and fertile gardens. By …

SunseedAdiós Fred

Garden photos… .. .

Phacelia green manure and wild poppies in flower in Far Terrace Emma with courgettes Carrot flowers Kilometre/asparagus beans and their poles! Little Gem lettuces (we have no slugs here! ….we have wild boar instead) First of the tomatoes, this variety is called Gordo (= fat in English), the seeds were saved from our best plants last year. Tomato area in …

SunseedGarden photos… .. .