Agrocafé: the future of regenerative agriculture

A couple of weeks ago we heard about an Agrocafé organised in Albox, a small village close to Almeria, focussed on regenerative agriculture. This was something we could not resist and so, on the 19th of February, a delegation of “Sunseeders”, including coordinators Gabriel, Silvia and Agnes, together with the interns Pietro and Nerea, and Cina, our Italian EVS, squeezed …

SunseedAgrocafé: the future of regenerative agriculture

Ecocide Update: news from the EU

By EVS Volunteer Margaux: Our village has now been facing water supply issues for a couple of years, due to the over-exploitation of the aquifer by the olive industry. The precious water from the Río Aguas is being drained in order to water 3000 hectares of intensive olive tree plantations and now a whole and unique ecosystem in the only …

volunteerEcocide Update: news from the EU

A new pond for our wastewater system!

Sunseed’s Appropriate Technology co-coordinator Piotr explains how we built a beautiful pond as part of our eco-friendly wastewater treatment system. Last weekend of 16-17 April at Sunseed we conducted a workshop on Ecological Wastewater Treatment, facilitated by the coordinators of Sunseed and the Paissano collective – friends of Sunseed and big water treatment and purification enthusiasts. We invited both Sunseed …

SunseedA new pond for our wastewater system!

The Threat to our Ecosystem – The Ecocide of the Olive Industry

The spring of Los Molinos del Río Aguas is of great ecological importance because it serves as habitat for rare wild species to thrive in the stream and surrounding areas. The presence of constant water flow in this arid region and the rich formations of gypsum make the Natural Park of Sorbas a unique and valuable ecosystem in Europe. The …

SunseedThe Threat to our Ecosystem – The Ecocide of the Olive Industry

Celebrating Earth Day

We celebrated Earth Day in company of the University of Almeria and other groups in the Natural Park where we live. We discovered a lot about the geology, flora and fauna; and we were reminded of their care and fragile balance. The intensive planting of olive trees and overexploitation of water are a real danger to this beautiful place. Luckily, …

SunseedCelebrating Earth Day

The Easiest Bread In The World!

In an semi-epic personal journey of finding the simplest most intuitive naturally leavened bread possible, I have finally triumphed. Let the doves free! Cue an orchestra of angels! OK, so how did I do it? With a little help from my friends! Follow the simple recipe below with distilled wisdom… and you’ll wonder why there could ever be mystery around such …

SunseedThe Easiest Bread In The World!

Sunseed Annual Report 2013

Our Annual Report of 2013 is now online! A big thank you to all volunteers and staff from last year. Please go to our Annual Report 2013 page to take a look

SunseedSunseed Annual Report 2013

Sunseed goes Sublime

Our new Sustainable Living Coordinator Markus is currently writing for the first international sustainable living magazine, Sublime. Here are his posts so far. We hope you enjoy them and continue to follow Mark and his reflections on Sunseed, sustainability and community living. Thank you Markus! What’s Good for the Bee is Good for the Hive Simplicity & the Solstice

SunseedSunseed goes Sublime

Adiós Fred

This week we bade farewell to our Garden Co-ordinator Fred who left us to continue his ecological adventures on a cycling trip around Andalucia and beyond, taking in other eco/gardens/community projects. Fred’s work here has been a pretty epic undertaking – turning whole new swathes of land and some existing areas from bramble-covered wildernesses into productive and fertile gardens. By …

SunseedAdiós Fred

A family holiday at Sunseed

So what’s it like going to Sunseed if you are the parent of young children? The website tells you that, “children are welcome but they are the responsibility of their parents”, which doesn’t really tell you that much so I thought I’d put down a few thoughts based on two short holidays (one and two weeks on consecutive years) with …

SunseedA family holiday at Sunseed