Appropriate Technology Winter 2011/12

Sunseed’s closure for the whole winter gave us an opportunity to do major works on all the photovoltaic systems. This put Sunseed in a really low energy situation as the amount of solar energy available is lowest in the winter anyway, let alone when we were dismantling the frame of the solar panels or shut down the system to make …

SunseedAppropriate Technology Winter 2011/12

Autumn 2011 News

Improvements to the monitoring of the water distribution system installation of new flow meter and pressure gauge Installing new PV modules Installing new inverter at Isabella’s and converting the system to 24V: including wind turbine, wind controller, battery bank and lighting Improving all PV mounts to have adjustable seasonal tilt Improving lighting and wiring where applicable Refurbish Solar Hot Water …

SunseedAutumn 2011 News

Spring – Summer ECM News 2011

SUMMER 2011 Irrigation line maintenance Re design washing area Working on windows, door frames & insulation for the house. Working with caña Re-design kitchen Built furniture & bench Refurbishment of ECM workshop Reciprocal frame roofing includes: using recycled materials, living roof, rainwater catchment from the roof, drainage systems. Re painting the houses, Geoff’s & Gayes. SPRING 2011 Working with caña: …

SunseedSpring – Summer ECM News 2011

Appropriate Technology News Summer 2011

Here are some of the highlights of what we did. Installed new 930Ah traction batteries at the Main House Wind turbine course – installed a 1kW turbine at an off-grid cortijo Annual maintenance of the Sunseed wind turbine in the Solar Garden: rotor alignment, balancing of blades, protective coating Built open source wind turbine controller circuit and dump load Major …

SunseedAppropriate Technology News Summer 2011

Volunteer at Sunseed Feb-March 2011

Imagine a place where everyone is aware of their impact on the environment, trying to minimize their ecological footprint. Imagine a place where people know a lot about different aspects of sustainability and love to share this knowledge with you. Imagine a place where people care a lot about the wellbeing of themselves and the people around them, where community …

SunseedVolunteer at Sunseed Feb-March 2011

Podcast Carina’s Baskett Project Wondering in Nature

Carina’s Baskett Project Wondering in Nature – A travelogue and podcast about nature, culture, science, and sustainability. [audio:] Download audio file  

SunseedPodcast Carina’s Baskett Project Wondering in Nature