Los Molinos gets a new ram pump

Los Molinos de los Rio Aguas got a sharp reminder never to take water for granted when the hydraulic ram pump that provides the whole village with water stopped functioning recently. With no water from the taps or showers, we had to collect it from the acequia (water line) – a tiring and time-consuming job every morning! With the pump …

SunseedLos Molinos gets a new ram pump

¡Construimos un estanque para nuestro sistema de aguas residuales!

El último fin de semana de 16-17 de abril hemos llevado a cabo un taller de Tratamiento de Aguas Residuales por Fitodepuración, facilitado entre los coordinadores de Sunseed y el colectivo Paissano, amigos de Sunseed apasionados por temas de tratamiento y potabilización de agua. Hemos invitado a participar tanto a lxs voluntarixs de Sunseed como personas de la zona interesadas …

Sunseed¡Construimos un estanque para nuestro sistema de aguas residuales!

A new pond for our wastewater system!

Sunseed’s Appropriate Technology co-coordinator Piotr explains how we built a beautiful pond as part of our eco-friendly wastewater treatment system. Last weekend of 16-17 April at Sunseed we conducted a workshop on Ecological Wastewater Treatment, facilitated by the coordinators of Sunseed and the Paissano collective – friends of Sunseed and big water treatment and purification enthusiasts. We invited both Sunseed …

SunseedA new pond for our wastewater system!

Arizona’s land

After a series of interventions in Arizona’s land, we have done the ultimate one! In the two gullies in the plot, we have built reed and woody barriers to stop soil erosion. The barriers have been interconnected through reed biorolls which were placed using the Key Line technique, addressing the water from the gullies to the slopes to make it …

SunseedArizona’s land

The Ram Pump has been renovated!

One of the major projects and work of the Appropriate Technology department this summer has been a much needed renovation of the famous Sunseed ram pump! The ram pump is one of the best example of appropriate technology in Sunseed. It provides water to the village of Los Molinos from the ancient irrigation canals, 24 hours a day, 7 days …

SunseedThe Ram Pump has been renovated!


As the growing conditions around Sunseed are very harsh with very little rain and soil depleted from nutrients, it is very important to use innovative methods to protect plants from the harshest sun in the summer and frost in the winter. At the moment in the Arboretum, the application of mulch (mostly reeds) is tested to see its benefits for …


Space for IBC Tanks

Hola, today we made more space around our main water storage, to fit two new IBC tanks, buffering water from the village ram pump. Improving the supporting edge. -The blocks of concrete are inclined slightly in the direction of the tanks. Here’s the old tank, which was installed without any protection from the sun. It has now whitered and cracked …

SunseedSpace for IBC Tanks

Repairing the path to the irrigation line

Hello, today with the help of Diego we finally fixed some step on the path that leads to El Nacimiento del Rio Aguas. Hola, hoy con la ayuda de Diego hemos arreglado por fín algunos escalones del camino que va hasta El Nacimiento del Río de Aguas.

SunseedRepairing the path to the irrigation line