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Sunseed inspires people. 

Over the years, Sunseed has attracted volunteers from across the world, guiding them through immersive and holistic learning journeys in order to gain practical skills related to environmental stewardship. The quality of Sunseed programmes have been recognised by major international bodies, such as the European Union’s Lifelong Learning programme. Your donations allow us to continue the work of being the change we want to see in the world.

Monthly donations are hugely important to us, and every little helps. You can choose a sum from the options below.

Would you prefer to make a one-off donation? You can donate through your Paypal account using our email address, or make a bank transfer using the details below.

Especially for our 30th Anniversary, we’ve created a small wishlist of items we’d like to have at Sunseed. Check it out – perhaps there’s something you could donate?

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Sunseed´s Bank Details

La Caixa, Sorbas

Account no: 2100 7863 57 2200011361

Account name: Sunseed Tecnologia Del Desierto

IBAN ES30 2100 7863 57 2200011361


Not sure if to donate? Here’s 5 reasons to support Sunseed:

1. Our future. More and more people are becoming acutely aware of the fragility of our world’s ecosystems, social structures, and climate. The research and practical education we offer here increases in importance the less stable our global climate becomes. Life at Sunseed is completely off grid, we use solar power to heat our water, run electrical appliances and even cook our food, we hope that through these hands-on examples, soon more people will be utilising alternative power options.

2. Teach & learn. We’re an educational centre, and sharing, and co-creating knowledge is paramount to us. Not only do our volunteers come here to learn, but we also welcome local schools to the project to learn about sustainability and low-impact living whilst offering practical tools for implementing them in the students own lives.

3. Stay informed. With your donation you are helping us to keep writing and sharing the Sunseed way; you’ll keep up to date with our latest vegetarian recipes, departmental work, volunteer stories and more!

4. Offset your Co2. It’s not easy to live as green as we do here, but with your donation we’ll be planting trees, raising consciousness, and researching how to live lightly upon our planet and not against it. Your donation will support us to develop alternatives that will one day become the norm.

5. Feel good. It feels good to give, doesn’t it? Even what some may consider small donation means a lot to us. Sunseed gets support from a variety of sources, and one of the most crucial is individual donors like you.

Please donate to help this unique educational project.