Educational Activities

Sunseed is a centre for informal, practical, hands-on learning and experimentation. Learning and training opportunities are embedded in all our work. Skill-sharing is encouraged as we believe that every volunteer brings skills and knowledge with them. Seminars or workshops take place every week, organised by volunteer staff or by volunteers themselves.

Every working day after breakfast we meet for job allocation, when each department co-ordinator outlines the work available for the day and volunteers are invited to join in; learning opportunities are broad ranging, from bread-making to building boar fences; from planting seeds or harvesting food from the organic gardens to designing a pedal-powered washing machine or helping to research local flora and fauna.

Many volunteers set off on their own learning journey with a personal project while at Sunseed. A variety of educational opportunities are available in the form of Project Packs, or volunteers design their own projects in liaison with the relevant department co-ordinator.

We organise free Guided Tours  every Tuesday, Courses,  School Visits