Office Support Intern

Duration: minimum 3 months

Commitment: full-time

An exciting opportunity to work with Sunseed, a community-led educational centre existing for more than 30 years. Our Vision is to discover how to live a healthy and ecologically responsible life working in harmony with nature. We do this by realising, demonstrating and communicating appropriate and low-technology solutions to support a low-impact lifestyle. If you are committed to living a low impact life then this could be the internship for you.

The Office Support Intern will join the Communication and Education Coordinators supported by the Administration Coordinator. The team ensure the smooth running of our projects and care of our volunteers by managing the finances, expenses, volunteer bookings and legal documents.

Key Tasks:

  • Support with incoming emails and manage the inboxes
  • Work with the Administration Coordinator to update a system of financial control, monthly reporting of expenses and income to staff and Trustees
  • Supervise Bookings, Arrivals, General requests and Volunteer Experience together with the Administration Coordinator
  • Manage legal documents including insurances, taxes, deeds, local facilities, contracts and agreements, etc.



  • Commitment to promoting low-impact living
  • Good organisational abilities and financial acumen
  • Good communication skills, including ability to work as part of a closely-integrated team; and the confidence, sensitivity, patience and open mindedness to work with all members of the Sunseed community
  • Ability to set targets, identify priorities and monitor progress
  • Be flexible
  • Ability to live in a basic communal environment with limited resources and the desire to live and work closely with community members
  • Ability to document and evaluate work
  • Initiative and imagination and sense of humour!


  • Previous knowledge of NGO administration
  • An understanding of organisational structures, particularly non-hierarchical organisations and those in the third sector
  • Previous work experience with volunteers ideally in a support role
  • A strong affinity with Sunseed’s vision and mission
  • Good spoken Spanish and English
  • Clean driving license if over 26 years of age

This position is a learning opportunity to gain valuable knowledge in the running of an established NGO, in working closely with different departments, and in off-grid, sustainable, community living. The Intern will work closely with the Administration Coordinator to ensure the educational potential of her or his responsibilities and overall experience are fulfilled.

Please note, the successful applicant will work and occasionally guide other volunteers in and simultaneously learn from our current Administration Coordinator.  The period of appointment in this role is for 2-6 months.

The cost of the learning opportunity is 100€ / week. All food, accommodation, and amenities are provided (internet, soap, eco-detergent, etc.). Please get in contact with your university for financing opportunities.

To apply for this role: Please fill in the form​ (picking Administration department as the one of your interest).