Booking and costs

Arrival days are Tuesdays. If you can’t adjust your arrival date, please contact us in advance.

  • Visitor – stay under a week, 4 days minimum. Please check availability beforehand. Participate 4 hours a day. 25€ per day.
  • Short Term Volunteer – stay for 1 – 3 weeks. Participate 20 hours per week, Monday to Friday mornings. 150€ per week (21,5€ per day).
  • Participate in a course – We organize courses and workshops about different sustainability topics. Check our courses page to know what’s going on.
  • Medium Term Volunteer – stay for 4 – 6 weeks. Participate 30 hours per week, Monday to Friday. This may include project/research/apprenticeship work in the afternoons. 115€ per week (16,5€ per day).
  • Long Term Volunteer – 7 weeks or more. Participate 30 hours per week, Monday to Friday. This includes project/research/apprenticeship work in the afternoons. 100€ per week (14€ per day).
  • Internship – Lenght may vary. These placements are generally funded by your university, employer or government programme and their donation are equivalent to a volunteering period of the same length. Please contact us in advance to define a tailored programme.

A course can be combined with a volunteering period. The total donation will be the sum of the cost of the course plus the volunteering period, taking into account the total time spent in the project.

If you are coming as a volunteer or intern, please check the projects’ page of the departments you’re interested in, and feel free to contact the department’s coordinator to propose your ideas and plan your activities in advance.

If you are a minor please contact us for a parent/guardian’s consent form and reference as to your maturity to visit Sunseed.

Your donations to join Sunseed covers accommodation, food (3 vegetarian meals), educational activities & project costs.