Our Departments

Sustainable Living

SL co-ordinates the smooth running of Sunseed’s low impact lifestyle. The department oversees our food policy to ensure an ethical and healthy vegetarian diet (with limited dairy products). It demonstrates and encourages the use of solar cookers and other appropriate technologies; oversees the shared duties and the preserving of produce from the garden. The department is central to the education in daily sustainable living that Sunseed provides. Read More

Appropriate Technology

AT encourages a reduction in what we use and promotes innovation in the use of available technologies to reduce our impact on the environment. The department maintains the solar and water pumping systems, photovoltaic panels and promotes projects in areas such as biogas, solar energy and bicycle-powered machines. Read More

Drylands Management

Through observation of natural ecosystems, DM aims to understand the process of soil degradation and to use this knowledge as the foundation for drylands management practices. Read More

Eco-construction & Maintenance

EC&M is responsible for the upkeep and of the project site and our buildings. A mix of traditional and local ecological building methods and materials are used. Read More

Communication & Education

CE co-ordinates the educational aspects of Sunseed’s aims across all departments at the project. It oversees the dissemination of information, research and literature produced by Sunseed and networks with other organisations, as well as raising additional funds. Read More

Organic Growing

Sunseed has eleven garden terraces to grow produced food, reducing the need for food miles and promoting practical self-sufficiency. The gardens offer visitors an educational hands-on experience of sustainable food growing using organic garden techniques. We reuse most of the resources brought into the project; nearly of all of what would become land-fill is incorporated into garden cycling of nutrients. Read More

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