Drylands Management Projects

Soil conservation and drylands vegetal regeneration.


Manage the distribution of runoff. Apply “key line” technology for soil conservation and infiltration of water. Restoration of gullies using organic barriers and biorolls. Improve soil fertility and increase vegetal biodiversity.Seeding and planting of Mediterranean shrubs. Use of low technique drylands irrigation system. Use of “Nendo-dango” technique for wild seed sowing.

The use of techniques with low investment and impact, looking for a balance between science and traditional knowledge.

Support the development of the website. Plan and development of seminars.


An understanding of the principles of drylands management for vegetal regeneration.

Duration: From 2 weeks to 4 months.

Arboretum. Tree nursery development.


Set up and develop nursery trials to grow Mediterranean plants.
Seed bank development. Wild seed collection.Maintenance of paths, steps, signs and terrace walling.Weeding, composting and watering. Inform residents and visitants about the work in the Arboretum.

Skills: An understanding of the principles of drylands management and the development of a tree nursery.

Duration: From 2 weeks to 6 months.