Communication & Education


Department Summary: Communication & Education (CE) coordinates the education of staff, volunteers and visitors, and the production of educational and publicity material.. Read more… Latest News: Click here for the latest news of the CE department. Project Packs: Click here to read possible projects for a placement in the CE department. CE Coordinator: Find our more information about the CE co-ordinator

Information stand in Ecoaltea green fair 2011

Communication & Education 

CE coordinates the education of staff, volunteers and visitors and co-ordinates the production of educational and publicity material.The Communication & Education (CE) coordinator is responsible for the public face of Sunseed. In overseeing the website and the promotion of Sunseed the CE department communicates with the media, future visitors and other organisations.

CE organises Sunseed Courses, Guided Tours, Open Days ; and represents Sunseed taking part in outside events and green fairs. Networking, contact and collaboration with other groups, organizations, Universities.. local, national and international, is as well part of the CE department.

Workshops, visits to other projects and seminars give visitors an opportunity to learn about and debate a wide range of environmental issues. In the past we’ve covered topics such as biofuels, population control, carbon footprint, ethical consumption.. Is there an environmental issue that you think people should know more about? Come and tell us more!

Communication and Education Coordinator


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