No Gas Week Challenge

We would like to prepare for an entire week where we would not use any gas to cook. This is a lot harder than it might seem. During summer, Sunseed has about 30 people eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.

However, we have alternatives to gas. At Sunseed we have several types of solar ovens (e.g. a parabolic cooker and a box solar cooker), we also have a gasifier and a couple of food and herb dehydrators. Some of these need some small repairs, but they are close to being functional.

As we share the cooking tasks in teams of two people, all the people cooking that week would need to learn about the alternative ways of cooking. The person in charge of this project would prepare and lead 2 or 3 seminars on alternative cooking (including using the solar cookers, gasifier, etc.) but also could include raw cooking. The project might include preparing a menu for the entire week and coach the cooking teams to help them prepare this menu.

Skills: Interest in cooking, wanting to learn about original and alternative ways of cooking

Duration: 1 or 2 months

SunseedNo Gas Week Challenge

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