Eco-construction maquettes

Sunseed is the perfect place to research, learn about and experiment with eco construction techniques. Through creating maquettes (scale models) – of geodesic domes, yurts, cob houses, and cane structures to name just a few – volunteers can learn in detail about these designs and structures, with a view to working on the real thing in future. These models will …

SunseedEco-construction maquettes

Redesign our outside area

Sunseed has several outside spaces with great potential, but that are in need of a redesign to create harmonious, user-friendly spaces that make best use of the land available. Perhaps you have experience in permaculture or other design techniques and would like to put this into practice? Sunseed is the perfect place to experiment and create a design that will …

SunseedRedesign our outside area

Stone flooring

Would you like to practice technical skills such as tiling or paving? Our outdoor areas are in need of new flooring, so it’s up to you to create beautiful, safe floors and walkways for the project that will make our outdoor spaces attractive and easier to clean! Undertaking this project will ensure that you leave a durable mark on Sunseed’s appearance. …

SunseedStone flooring

Natural pigments and paints

This project involves the researching, collection and processing of local natural pigments for the elaboration of natural paints using flour or lime. With the support of the eco-construction coordinator, the volunteer will experiment with different materials and techniques to find appropriate eco-friendly solutions to painting structures in Sunseed, making them more attractive and durable. Required skills: None Duration: 1 – …

SunseedNatural pigments and paints

Recycled showroom

This project will enable a volunteer to learn and experiment with different sustainable construction techniques. You will build sample structures to demonstrate to visitors, volunteers and school groups the functions and usefulness of recycled and natural materials in construction, including “eco-bricks” (unrecyclable plastic sheets stuffed into plastic bottles), glass bottles, cob and rammed earth. (Shown in picture is a retaining …

SunseedRecycled showroom

Open space: eco-construction

In the eco-construction department, volunteers can create their own projects to help them learn how to build in an environmentally sustainable way. This could be anything from experimenting with building techniques and materials, constructing furniture, improving the Sunseed infrastructure in innovative ways… the possibilities are endless! Volunteers are encouraged to be self-starting and undertake their own planning and research, supported …

SunseedOpen space: eco-construction

Furniture making

Learn to make benches, tables, doors, cabinets, cupboards all from recycled materials such as pallets, cane, and reclaimed wood. Duration: depending on complexity of project – one week and upwards. Skills required: no specific skills, but a willingness to learn and ability to take care of our tools is a must! If you would like to work on this project, …

SunseedFurniture making

Reciprocal frame structures

Learn the technicalities and techniques of building reciprocal frame structures for roofs, domes and yurts. Skills required: some basic technical skills would be useful, and/or a methodical and precise attitude to planning and execution. Duration: 3 weeks + If you are interested in this project, please contact

SunseedReciprocal frame structures

Efficient and aesthetic illumination

  Title Efficient and aesthetic illumination. Brief Research project for the use of lights, reflectors and lampshades to create suitable illumination Description We are looking forward to someone willing to make Pita lampshades and reflectors for the lights. Pita is the beautiful flower of the agave plant which is used for many different things in the valley including making djembes, …

SunseedEfficient and aesthetic illumination