Adopt a garden

This project offers an opportunity to adopt one of the gardens here at sunseed to learn basic techniques of gardening (watering, planting, fertilising etc) Skills: Interest in gardening, wild plants, aromatics and perennials Duration: 4 months- more

SunseedAdopt a garden

Demonstration wormery

To complement the worm composting system that is currently being constructed at Sunseed there is an opportunity to design and build a small scale, functioning, worm composting unit as an educational resource. This resource needs to be easily replicable with everyday household materials and transportable. Once completed the mobile worm composter can be taken to schools, festivals and other events …

SunseedDemonstration wormery

Tool maintenance

Clean, sharp, tools work better and are often one of the biggest expenditures in the garden. This project is an opportunity to learn how to maintain and look after the most common garden tools. Working with the Organic Gardens and Appropriate Technology department you will learn the traditional principles of blade sharpening, oiling and sanding tool handles, and many more …

SunseedTool maintenance

Introduce new areas for growing important perennial and wild plants for use in the garden

There are a number of perennial herbs and wildplants (nettles, comfrey, horsetail, chamomile, dandelion) that are used in the garden as an important addition to mulch, compost and compost teas. It is important that we increase the supply and availability of these plants all year round and begin building adequate stored reserves for when their properties are needed. This project …

SunseedIntroduce new areas for growing important perennial and wild plants for use in the garden

Fruit mapping and calendars

We would like to map and create detailed care and harvest guides for all of our fruit trees. This will enable us to increase harvests, to better deal with gluts of fruit before spoiling and to better deal with potential pests and diseases. It will also provide us with the fruit harvest gaps, which we can then look to fill …

SunseedFruit mapping and calendars

Other use plants

Titulo Plantas de uso diferente Resumen El desarrollo de la diversidad de nuestras plantas y usos del huerto Descripción Actualmente en los jardines la gran mayoría de nuestro tiempo y esfuerzo se gasta en el cultivo de plantas para la alimentación. Mientras esto es muy importante hay plantas para otros usos, por ejemplo, tintes naturales, pegamentos, jabones, guita, repelentes de …

SunseedOther use plants

Using Mycorrhiza

These unique members of the soil community are important for many biological processes through the power of symbiosis. Mycorrhizal fungi form a mutualistic relationship with the roots of 90% of plant species to help plants increase the amount of water and nutrients they can access and achieve better growth and resistance to drought and disease. These species of fungi have …

SunseedUsing Mycorrhiza

Predatory insects – breeding and habitats / Insectos depredadores – cría y hábitats

Pests can be devastating on crops and so one of the methods of control we would like to look into to lessen this possibility is to research and practice the breeding of wildlife which predate on our most common damaging insects. This project would encompass researching the life cycles and habits of insects and their eco-system to fully understand their …

SunseedPredatory insects – breeding and habitats / Insectos depredadores – cría y hábitats

Actively Aerated Compost Tea trials

Titulo Ensayos de té de compost activamente aireados Resumen Experimentando con el uso de AACTs como enmienda del suelo en nuestros huertos Descripción Recientemente hemos comenzado a hacer y aplicar el té de compost a algunas plantas en los jardines como una forma de aumentar la vida microbiana en el suelo y es de esperar también la salud y la …

SunseedActively Aerated Compost Tea trials

Info panels/ Self guided tour

Having attractive, informative panels around the gardens would help us to increase self guided learning and promote our organic methods to all our visitors. Ideally these would be made with natural paints or carving in order to avoid the use of chemicals. Skills required: Interest in art/graphic design, Practical creative skills in using sustainable methods and materials, Understanding of Organic …

SunseedInfo panels/ Self guided tour