Demonstration wormery

To complement the worm composting system that is currently being constructed at Sunseed there is an opportunity to design and build a small scale, functioning, worm composting unit as an educational resource. This resource needs to be easily replicable with everyday household materials and transportable. Once completed the mobile worm composter can be taken to schools, festivals and other events to demonstate the benefits of worm composting to turn household food waste into a valuable fertiliser for the garden.

Skills: Interest in composting, vermicpomposting, design, practical skills

Duration: 1 month

SunseedDemonstration wormery

Tool maintenance

Clean, sharp, tools work better and are often one of the biggest expenditures in the garden. This project is an opportunity to learn how to maintain and look after the most common garden tools. Working with the Organic Gardens and Appropriate Technology department you will learn the traditional principles of blade sharpening, oiling and sanding tool handles, and many more skills involved in general repair and maintenance.

Skills: Interest in gardening, traditional skills, carpentry, tool maintenance

Duration: 1 – 4 weeks


SunseedTool maintenance

Introduce new areas for growing important perennial and wild plants for use in the garden

There are a number of perennial herbs and wildplants (nettles, comfrey, horsetail, chamomile, dandelion) that are used in the garden as an important addition to mulch, compost and compost teas. It is important that we increase the supply and availability of these plants all year round and begin building adequate stored reserves for when their properties are needed. This project will involve a range of plant propogating methods, seed saving, harvesting, drying and storing.

Skills: Interest in gardening, wild plants, aromatics and perennials.

Duration: 1-3 months

SunseedIntroduce new areas for growing important perennial and wild plants for use in the garden

PH investigation and chromatography test of soil, compost, teas, urine and water

The soil and water in Sunseed is salty and alkaline. pH and soil quality is important because it influences several soil factors affecting plant growth, such as soil bacteria, nutrient leaching, nutrient availability, toxic elements, and soil structure. For most plants, the optimum pH range is from 5.5 to 7.0, but some plants will grow in more acid soil or may require a more alkaline balance. Being in a semi-desert area improvements to soil quality and organic matter in the soil are integral.  We would like to investigate how the external inputs that we are applying to the soils i.e. compost, fermented teas, urine fertiliser, and the river water interact with the soil and potentially changes its composition to a more acidic and fertile state.

Skills: Interest in Chemistry and Edaphology

Duration: 1 – 2 Months

SunseedPH investigation and chromatography test of soil, compost, teas, urine and water

Fruit mapping and calendars

We would like to map and create detailed care and harvest guides for all of our fruit trees. This will enable us to increase harvests, to better deal with gluts of fruit before spoiling and to better deal with potential pests and diseases. It will also provide us with the fruit harvest gaps, which we can then look to fill with other fruits.

Skills:GIS knowledge/computer skills, Interest in mapping in the field, Organic fruit production knowledge

Duration: 2 months +

SunseedFruit mapping and calendars

Sunseed Photoblogs


TITLE Sunseed Photoblogs
SUMMARY Sunseed needs someone to help with updating our website
AIMS To produce stories, images and videos weekly that communicate Sunseed and the volunteer experience
LEARNING OBJECTIVES To develop writing and journalistic skills To develop communication skills To understand the importance of visual and written communication for a project
DESCRIPTION Our website is essential for communicating to people about Sunseed: who we are and what life is like here in our community and project. We would like someone to take responsibility for updating the website weekly with stories, articles, photos or videos. For example, to communicate about what each department is doing or an interesting activity that is happening or telling volunteers stories. The project can also mean working in both English and Spanish.
SKILLS REQUIRED Written and oral communication skills Good people skills in order to interview or organise taking an image Creativity and the ability to spot good photo opportunities Confidence working with cameras and updating websites Both Spanish and English skills an advantage
TIME Weekly at Sunseed
SunseedSunseed Photoblogs

Networking Research


TITLE Networking Research
SUMMARY Sunseed would like to have a complete and accessible list of different organisations, projects, universities and societies that we can learn from and connect to.
AIMS Over a couple of months, to produce a database of different contacts that would be useful for Sunseed to contact and network with
LEARNING OBJECTIVES To develop research skills To understand the importance of networking for an organisation To develop communication skills To develop organisational skils
DESCRIPTION Sunseed already has a collection of important networking contacts within Almería, Spain and wider Europe regarding projects, organisations, universities and societies. The project has been going for almost 30 years and we have a catalogue of contacts already. This list however needs to be organised into one accessible database of contacts. Further research is also needed to expand the networking data that we have. Networking is important to, not only, publicise Sunseed and to inform people that we exist and what we can offer. It is also important to get inspiration, moral and practical support and the sharing of ideas between people, projects and their goals
SKILLS REQUIRED Organisation and research skills Initiative Computer literacy as this project is office and computer based Spanish and English skills
DURATION 1-2 months
SunseedNetworking Research

Maps of our village and valley



Title Mapping our village and valley
Summary Make maps of local walking routes and mark them with signposts.

Make a map of Sunseed and our village of Los Molinos for visitors and


  • To inspire people to go for safe walks and explore the area in their free time
  • To motivate volunteers to walk to Sorbas using clear and precise signposting
  • To create new walking routes from Sunseed, of varying lengths (e.g. 20 minutes-45 minutes-1 hour) and levels (e.g. easy-moderate-difficult)
  • To help volunteers and visitors navigate themselves around the village and Sunseed
Learning objectives
  • To create new walking routes from Sunseed which are accurately mapped and signposted for people new to the area
  • To learn about local nature, flora and fauna, and to share this knowledge in the narrative for each walk.
  • To work with relevant departments at Sunseed to fulfill the project, e.g. creating low-impact signs that are clear and appropriate.
  • To develop communication and map drawing skills
Description Sunseed is situated in a beautiful valley about 7km from Sorbas, the local village. There are all sorts of possible walking routes from Sunseed in, around and beyond the valley.

Terrain includes valleys, mountains and everything inbetween! There are roads, tracks, paths and goat-tracks.

This project will involve plenty of walking and good orientation skills. You will draft numerous walking routes and find ways to signpost the directions along the route. You will describe each route in terms of its length (walking time/distance) and its level of difficulty.

You will also provide a short narrative description of each walk, clearly stating the starting point and the key landmarks, along with any interesting information related to the route.

For the map of Sunseed and the village, we need a map which easily and attractively communicates

to visitors and volunteers where all things of interest are.

Skills Required Map-making skills are not required, but good drawing/sketching talents are important.

This project requires strong walking boots, lots of stamina and a good eye for detail.

You need to have plenty of initiative for this project as you will be working on your own for most of the time.

Creativity and communication skills

Time At least 2 months



Titulo Señalizar rutas locales
Resumen Hacer mapas de las rutas locales y señalizarlas
Objetivos Hacer mapas y marcar las rutas y caminos en el valle para que voluntarios y visitantes puedan disfrutar de la zona y no perderse.
Habilidades requeridas No se necesitan habilidades especiales. Tan solo un poco de creatividad y motivacion!
Duración 2 meses

SunseedMaps of our village and valley

Social Media Management


Title Social Media Management
Resume To design, implement and manage an online communication strategy for social networks and other platforms.
Aims To increase Sunseed’s profile on the Internet To increase the number of visits to our website To increase our number of followers on Facebook and Twitter To Investigate and start new social media pages for Sunseed: e.g. Pinterest and Hootsuite
Learning Objectives To develop strategic planning skills To develop communication and research skills in relation to online social networks To learn about project management skills
Description To design and implement an online communication plan in social media To implement ways of creating qualified traffic To create and manage online campaigns To monitor and evaluate the impact of social media
Skills Required Basic skills in: digital and online communication and marketing and monitoring Basic level of English and Spanish Good communication and organisation skills
Time 3 -6 months


Titulo Gestión de Redes Sociales
Resumen Disenar, implementar y gestionar estrategias de comunicacion online en redes sociales y otros portales.
Objetivos – Mejorar la posición de Sunseed en Internet. – Aumentar el número de visitas a la pagina web. – Aumentar el número de seguidores en Facebook y Twitter – Fidelizar visitantes.
Objetivos de Aprendizaje
Descripción Disenar y desarrollar una estrategia de comunicación en redes sociales. Propiciar el desarrollo de la conciencia y aceptación de la imagen de Sunseed. Implementar medidas para generar tráfico calificado. Crear y Gestionar campanas online. Monitorear y Medir el impacto de las redes sociales.
Habilidades requeridas Estrategia Digital. Comunicación y marketing online. Manejo de Google Analytics Manejar herramientas tecnologicas Nivel medio-bajo de ingles y castellano Buenas capacidades de comunicacion y redaccion
Duración 3 meses- 6 meses

SunseedSocial Media Management

Sunseed Signs


Title Sunseed Signs
Summary To create replacement and brand new educational signs, notices and information boards around the project in the most low-impact and practical ways possible.

To identify places/situations where signs need replacing and where

new signage might be appropriate

To research information if necessary

To design and create eye catching and informative signs

Learning Objectives To investigate a variety of low-impact techniques for making signs, notices and

information boards

To learn how to design attractive and informative signage

To improve team working skills through close liaison with Sunseed co-ordinators

To develop research skills

Description Our signs include place names (e.g. gardens, toilets, showers, houses), directions, notices and information boards.

There is an ongoing need to update old signs as well as to develop new notices,

information boards, etc.

This work involves close liaison with all department coordinators.

Ideas for signs to develop so far are:

Compost toilets, our waste water system, our non-chemicals policy,

displaying information on local wildlife,  the Sunseed gardens

and general Sunseed information for our welcoming panel.

Skills Required You will need a steady hand and some artistic talent a creative approach to sign-writing to maximise the use of natural materials

You may also want to experiment with eco-paints from natural flora and fauna found in

the valley

Good communication skills

Excellent attention to detail

Research skills

A good level of English and Spanish

Time 2 weeks minimum

SunseedSunseed Signs