Sunseed Desert Technology is a place where research and experiential learning and practice is fundamental. People from many different countries have come as long term volunteers or as students or interns under University Placements or Leonardo Programs to research and even write their thesis on specific areas of interest, with the support of the departmental coordinator.

You can check out some of the projects available at the moment by looking at our online Project Pack. If you have a project in mind and would like to liaise with the appropriate staff member please contact us.

Here is a selection of some long term projects carried out in recent years by Sunseed volunteers. The majority of research has not been digitalised; it is an on going process for us to update and scan the documents and to add them to the website

Sunseed Organic Gardening Volunteer Booklet 2014
Emma, our garden coordinator developed a comprehensive booklet to understand how to grow at Sunseed.

Tips and methods from our Organic Gardens department

Sunseed’s Mycorrhizal Project 2003-09

Sunseed staff and volunteers has been developing research about Mycorrhiza during the past years in its base in Almeria, in the drylands and gardens, as well as in Tanzania and Burkina Faso.  All this information you can Download here.

Ecobuilding – Caña/bamboo Bridge – 2011

Volunteer Freedie Harries 3 months project for his MSc Leadership for Sustainable Development,  was to rebuild the Cana Bridge, using a natural and local material from the Valley, caña, a kind of bamboo, combining traditional and innovative techniques. You can download report here.

Waste Water System redesign – 2011/2012                    

Ari Zwick worked on hydroponics and the study of Sunseed Waste Water System. He conducted research for improving the efficiency of the waste water system, with the results documented in Hydroponics and the Productive Use of Human Resources for his Intern Studies for an MSc in Environmental Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Carbon FOODprint – 2012  Hanah Murphy undertook research about the Sunseed footprint in the food consumed at Sunseed. The intention was to offer information and insight about more sustainable choices. Here you can find the results of her work.

Values of the Community- 2011  Hanna Schilar spent 3 months working in the community, observing and interviewing volunteers and staff members about their values to understand better what are the values of persons and communities. The results were used for her final thesis for the University of International Tourism  and  Event Management.

Retama Sphaerocarpa Taproot Encourage Nursery Study – 2012  The aim of this project was to develop a nursery trial to grow Retama Sphaerocarpa, with a low-cost mycorrhizal inoculum method, encouraging the vertical development of the taproot. Here you can find the results of the work.

2012 Retama Sphaerocarpa Taproot Encourage Nursery Study


The initial phase of the refurbishment of the waste water system of the Sunseed’s Main House has finished. Here you can read the related documentation.

2012Apr Waste water system treatment assessment in the main house of Sunseed Desert Technology
2013Mar Waste water system treatment assessment in the main house of Sunseed Desert Technology
Summary of The waste water treatment system in Sunseed’s Main House 2013


Rampump. leaflet (English)
Solar Drier Leaflet
HayBoxes Leaflet