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Bill Mollison — The Father of Permaculture!


Bruce Charles also known as Bill was born in 1928 in Tasmania, Australia. He is known as one of the first people to discuss the idea of permanent agriculture. He founded the Permaculture Institute of Tasmania to teach others how to live sustainably. His ideals correlate to the goals of Sunseed. For example,

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His most popular text is …


Summary video in English here –>

There are free versions of the text in PDF form with full color pictures on the internet. The book is available on Amazon for 78 euros to 311 euros for the collectible.

Remix of Sunseed Video


An overview of Life at Sunseed Eco-Centre from Sunseed Spain on Vimeo.

A recent Video with a new soundtrack.

The original one had a bit of a hill billy banjo soundtrack. This one is more folky. If this doesn’t work we’ll do a death metal version too!

Short Documentary about Sunseed

This short documentary shows how is life at Sunseed. It was filmed during the summer and autumn of 2013 by one of our Long Term Volunteer Eva, as part of the Communication and Education Department.

New Promotional Video

New Kitchen at Isabellas!

During 2013 the Ecoconstruction Department at Sunseed has been refurbishing an old ruin to build a new kitchen in Isabellas. Many volunteers have taken part in this project. This slide show video shows the evolution of the whole process. We hope you enjoy it!

From the Carob Tree to the Carob Cake!

This is the first Sunseed Video News!
1) Harvesting carob
2) Drying carob
3) Making powder
4) Baking Cake with Biomass Gasification Stove

Biomass gasification biomass course

On 28-29 September was performed the course about Biomass gasification cookstoves.

The four participants built their own gasifier with a perfect result.

During the course, was shot a video tutorial to make it easy for other people do at home the same.

Do you dare?

Lucia, a Sunseed volunteer, she dared. You can see it in this other video:

Canal Sur Visit ( Regional TV) visit Sunseed

This weekend Canal Sur, Regional tv of Andalucía came to visit us. They have the chance to have a walk around the project and talk with some volunteers.Please find below the link of what appears in the News!

We will like to thanks Canal Sur journalist for their visit, their attention and motivation to come to visit us.

Harlem Shake at AT workshop

Not everything is working in the AT department.

Sometimes, strange things can happen.

Another copy is here:

AT Harlem Shake

A video about Sunseed

In the link below you may find an introductory video about Sunseed made by Erin, a volunteer at Sunseed.