Erasmus & Leonardo da Vinci Grants

Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci EU education programmes are ideal for Sunseed as they fund a long stay and therefore increase the amount you will be able to learn and do. There are a number of staff with academic degrees and/or professional qualifications in their subjects who can provide support and supervision for the completion of the academic work (Erasmus) or practical projects (Leonardo da Vinci). For general information a good place to start is the EU Learning and Training page. If you are a university student then there is likely to be a person at your University who is charged with supporting EU applicants. For those interested in Leonardo da Vinci (this programme is accessible to everyone who isn’t an undergraduate) then you will need to establish which institutions in your country support EU applicants and this can be done easily on the Internet.

If you would like to make early contact with a coordinator to discuss your project work please visit the contact page.

Due to the international nature of Sunseed the operating language of the project is English. But we currently have two Spanish staff members and those wishing to practice Spanish will find friendly neighbours in the village to chat with and are welcome to help with the weekly shopping trips in Sorbas.