Defend the Water Festival 2019

Join us for our third Defend the Water Festival in Los Molinos del Rio Aguas on 13th April 2019

We invite you to support us in defending our local aquifer that is being threatened by the super-intensive olive plantations by participating in this free event and donating during the activities.

The super-intensive monoculture agriculture is irrigated with fossil water extracted from the Aguas aquifer and is being over-exploited by more than 400%. Aguas River depends on this fossil water and is one of the few water resources in the province, soon to be completely desertified.

Our market will offer artesanal goods, ceramics, jewellery, workshops, activities for children and more

We will organise two walks to the river source Río Aguas in collaboration with Manolo Pérez Sola (activist for Asociación Acuíferos Vivos) y Andrés Pérez (with Asociación Amigos de Sorbas), who will speak about the hydrogeologic problems in the areas, as well as the natural and ethnographic features of the Valle del Río Aguas.

13:00h MUSIC and traditional dance with La cuadrilla del maestro Gálvez
13:30h TALK with Lucia Acuña (Asociación Acuíferos Vivos)
14:00h MUSIC with Soul Rebel
15:00h y 16:00h – FILM showing “Debajo de nuestros pies” (Under our feet) in Casa de la Realidad
17:00h MUSIC with Nunca Munca
18:15h MUSIC with Juliett Russell

TOURS OF OUR SUSTAINABLE PROJECTS – open doors and guided tours to the projects in the village:
17:00h SUNSEED – permaculture and desert technology project
18:00h PITA ESCUELA – artistic and environmental educational centre

19:30h MUSIC with Retro Heretic
21:00h SALSA with Pilar Pastor Muñoz
22:00h – MUSIC with Japu Selektah (reagge roots), Chris Tafari (dub), Wolfman Jack (punk, ska, cumbia)

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