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Communication and Education

In this workshop we explored the Nature around us which we are a part of, marvelling at the wonders of Gaïa, and reconnected to our own Human Nature, our instincts and raw emotions. Members of the off-grid, self-sustainable learning centre, Sunseed, came together in our peaceful meditation garden, and through a series of activities, we remembered Nature.

We first interacted with the space through an unguided observation, where we tried to refrain from making any judgements, letting Nature speak to us freely.

We moved into learning some basic bushcraft skills, such as walking delicately and silently, feeling the earth with our feet. We discovered the depth of sounds with the ‘deer-ears’ technique, and finally explored how wide our peripheral vision could be.

We became more aware of our presence, and of our environment.

Once we had remembered these powers of ours, we partnered up, one person leading the other that had closed eyes. As the viewer found an interesting element, they would orient the blind and tap them to open their eyes – suddenly revealing the singled out element chosen for them.

Remember Nature workshop 2

These few seconds created strong sensory moments, revealing minute patterns and details previously overlooked.

Finally, sitting back to back with each other, we sang in harmonies, letting air flow in and out of our lungs, connecting with each other and our environment.

Remember Nature workshop 3

We left feeling relaxed and refreshed, noticing we had connected with our environment, ourselves, and each other.

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