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General Guided Tour

Last Tuesday, we have a general guided tour to Sunseed. 7 visitors and 2 volunteers participate in the tour. We visit the gardens, the compost toilets, the arboretum, the houses and infrastructure of the project and we visit Pita School project. Thanks Evo Village Development  for the pictures! 168809_168739526622647_2112906333_n At the Ramp pump!601030_168739369955996_1108678918_n The swimming pool! 428627_168739123289354_1264364198_n Visiting the gardens! Diego I irrigated with traditional methods with the water from the acequia. Hydronics The Hydroponic irrigation with our grey waters!282363_168738999956033_319731333_n The Solar cookers and the solar pannels! claraClara, the Communication and Education Coordinator, guiding the tour.El pasado Martes realizamos como todos los martes una visita guiada. Esta vez tocaba una visita general al proyecto y sus instalaciones. En el tour participaron 7 visitantes y 2 voluntarios nuevos. Visitamos los huertos, los wateres secos, las casas de Sunseed, la piscina y el arboretum. Luego, fuimos a la pita Escuela para hacer una visita guiada a la proyecto de Timbe. 601030_168739369955996_1108678918_n 428627_168739123289354_1264364198_n Hydronics 282363_168738999956033_319731333_n