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Get involved

There are many ways to participate at Sunseed
Ranging from our guided tours, to ESC and internships, to becoming a staff member, there are many different opportunities to get involved at Sunseed. Have a look at our options and join us!
Participate & Contribute
Would you like to be part of creating the new normal? Are you in the process of reassessing your life after the pandemic? Do you have ideas about a new sustainable project or future direction you want to create for yourself? 
Get inspired by our international community, living an eco-friendly life and passionately working towards a better world. Learn how to integrate sustainable changes into your lifestyle, build connections with people and nature, and bring these skills back to your community.

We ask you to participate in our community for 6h/day from Monday to Friday, by working in any department that you like, doing household tasks (cleaning and cooking) and joining different activities that we organize regularly, such as workshops, presentations, sports and other fun stuff!

We are currently evaluating the applications of volunteers to arrive by end of April. 

New volunteer spots might be announced for the summer.

1 month

Staying in Sunseed for one month will let you experience a more sustainable way of life and get a sense of what it means to live in community. 16€/day

2 months

During this time you will receive a comprehensive insight into ecovillage living and get connected to the wider eco-community movement. 15€/day

3 months

A more affordable option for motivated people who are committed to stay for a longer time, getting fully integrated in our community. 14€/day

Before booking, have a look at the practical information page and our Frequently Asked Questions section
If you cannot find the answer, send us a message. 

What does my contribution cover?


From Monday to Friday we serve breakfast, snacks and two hot vegetarian meals a day. Food on the weekends is self organised with the use of our supplies. 15-20% of the food comes from our gardens. The rest is bought from local farmers and regional ecological producers.


Our coordinators offer a range of activities depending on the departments' needs. You can get involved with gardening, eco-maintenance, drylands management and more. You can also take on a personal project if you have a specific skill.


Your payment covers accommodation in our comfy dormitory, clean bed sheets, the use of natural cosmetics and administration costs. Our houses are maintained in the traditional Andalucian style.


To provide an educational experience for visitors from around the world we have many hidden costs - rent, insurance, taxes, website hosting, phones, internet, car maintenance, staff reimbursement and more. Your contribution will help us to continue running Sunseed.

Cancellation policy

To secure your stay, we ask for a 50€ deposit.
In case of cancellation, 15€ will be deducted for administrative costs.
For cancellations within two weeks of the arrival, 25€ fee will be applied.