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Sunseed Desert technology is a project for low,impact living in a semi-arid environment. It is an international project where we experience and work together collaboratively,valuing the opportunity of individuals to realise and fulfill potential. In this creative setting we learn through 2-way education. We put care, compassion, passion, adaptability and trust as values that help us to work towards our mission.


To live communally and learn together to realise, demonstrate andhh communicate accessible skills and low-tech appropriate technology, within our semi arid environment, that support a more healthy, beneficial and ecologically responsible way of life.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the way we live:

  • we operate closed loop systems for all our raw materials such as water and food waste
  • we use solar power to generate electricity – the whole village is off-grid for power
  • we maintain organic permaculture gardens
  • we research and manage drylands to protect soil from erosion
  • we eat an organic and vegetarian diet
  • we build and use energy efficient devices such as solar ovens, solar dryers, a haybox
  • we reduce, reuse, repair and recycle as much as we can

Sunseed History

In 2011 Sunseed celebrated 25 years of work, play, research, learning and transformation. We also continue looking forward to Sunseed’s adaptation and evolution with the new challenges of the 21st Century. Read more….

Who lives here

The staff team has a core of seven Coordinators who are here all year. They are supported by assistants who usually stay between 3-6 months. Each Coordinator is responsible for a Department and there are 6: Appropriate technology; Eco-construction and Maintenance; Drylands Management; Organic Growing; Sustainable Living and Education, Publicity and Fundraising. Read more…

Our Trustees

As a British charity we have a board of Trustees who oversee the work of the project and ensure that our aims and objectives are being adhered to, that all financial arrangements are being carried out properly, and that a certain standard of health and safety is being maintained. Some live in Spain and others in the UK. Read more….

Friends of Sunseed

Many of those who have spent time at Sunseed form a lasting attachment to both the valley and people they meet here. To preserve such links and to create a firm base of supporters for Sunseed, we have established the Friends of Sunseed (FOS). Read more…

2012 Year Report

Sunseed saw so many new faces, and so many projects this year. When we set out to make our 2012 Sunseed Annual Plan late in 2011, we might have not guessed that we would make so many of our goals into accomplishments. The success was not only in accomplishment though, but also in the process and invaluable learning opportunities. Sunseed is a project for learning, and 2012 was no exception. Read More……

Strategic Plan 2011-16

This is the five year plan we are working to at the moment. Go to this page to get a download.


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