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Practical info

All you need to know

Our amazing location set in a natural reserve comes with the unique experience of living close to nature. We are entirely off-grid and rely on solar energy for our hot water and electricity. We try to use all our resources consciously as during cloudy days we might not have as much available. We offer a basic and natural set-up that is sustainable and low-impact.

Accommodation and Food

We have 6+6+7 bed dormitories for our volunteers.  We provide blankets, pillows and basic toiletries. No pets are allowed indoors.

We are a vegetarian project and all our food is organic. We eat as much as possible from the produce in our gardens and supplement it with locally sourced foods. Drinking water is brought from a local water spring 12km away. 

As we live in a protected area, camping, camper vans and outdoor fires are not allowed.

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DO pack:
  • Head torch

  • Water bottle

  • (October - April) Sleeping bag, warm jacket, hat and scarf for extra coziness during the winter season

Do NOT pack:
  • Electrical applicances with high energy usage (e.g. hair dryers)

  • Non-biodegradable cosmetics

  • Meat, alcohol, drugs

Internet and mobile network
Solar powered
Electricity and water heating
Accommodation in a
Mixed dormitory
Closing the cycles with
Outdoor compost toilets
Communal areas
Masonry wood stove heating
Hand washing

Daily life

How do we organise ourselves? What does our daily rhythm look like?  

Morning circle

On Mon-Fri we meet between 7-9 a.m. (depending on the season) to organise tasks for the day and begin with a team bonding activity which makes us fresh and ready for the day.

Schedule example
Working hours

Visitors and short-term members participate in project activities at least 4 hours a day, while medium and long term members contribute at least 6 hours a day. You can chose one department to work in or try a variety.

Household rota

We all share responsibility for the cleaning and vegetarian cooking. All staff and volunteers put their name on a rota twice and you can enjoy cleanliness and good food the whole week through.

Communal Mondays

On Monday mornings we take extra care of the community by doing a general clean of the whole project, followed by a communal activity. In the afternoons we hold a communal meeting to discuss important topics.

10-40 people

Sunseed is a transient community, which means that the number of people changes constantly. There are 3 project managers, 7 coordinators on 8 month contracts, 3-4 European Service Volunteers (6 month contracts), 3 interns and a fluctuating number of short-term visitors.


We encourage everyone to speak Spanish as much as possible, but you can also use English to communicate. We do not organise language courses, but be sure to have some spontaneous language exchanges!


Depending on the group and experience we often host a range of activities from sharing circles, yoga, meditation, film nights, excursions and more.

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