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Tecnologia del Desierto
Apartado de correos 9.
 Los Molinos del Rio Aguas
04270 Sorbas, Almeria, Spain
(+34) 950 525 770

Frequently asked questions

You can drop us a line using the contact form below. Before sending your message though please have a look at the list that we prepared for you as the answer to your question might be already here!

Can I join you?

Yes! Please visit the page GET INVOLVED to learn more about different ways of becoming part of the project and follow the instructions (previous booking / specified arrival days / applications for becoming a staff member/Erasmus+ program participant). Spontaneous showing-up is a no go, please respect our communal daily life rhythm. 

What tasks will I be involved in?

The tasks are changing depending on the season and project's priorities. Have a look at the DEPARTAMENTS page to get an overview. If you have concrete expectations about your stay please send us an email to confirm that the area of your interest will be covered during your stay.

Are arrivals and departures only on Tuesdays?

Arrival days are only on Tuesdays. Departure days are flexible.

How to get to Sunseed?

  • Have a look at the map to know where we are.
  • Try travelling by land using public transport to minimise CO2 emissions. 
    • The local company offers transport from Almería and Murcia to the closest town Sorbas. To get to Almería or Murcia you can search for a rail connection on
    • You can also share a car using You can either search a ride to Sorbas or look for a popular connection Almería Málaga - Vera / Murcia / Alicante and hop off here (salida 504)
  • Have a scenic 1-hour hike from the point of your drop off to Sunseed!
The closest airports are: Almería, Murcia, Granada, Málaga. We usually don't organise pickups.

Can I bring my dog/cat?

We have no pet policy. They are not allowed indoors as current or future Sunseeders might be allergic and for sanitary reasons. On top of that, there are many animals in the village that do not belong to Sunseed, we have no supervision over them and they might not get along well with your companion. If you wish to visit us, please leave your pet under the care of someone trusted in the place that you live.

How many people live in Sunseed?

Sunseed is a transient group and the number of people staying here is changing on a daily basis. The number of inhabitants can go down to 10 in the low season, and up to 40 in the high season. 

Do you offer work exchange? / Can I come with the camper van (for free)?

We do not offer work exchanges. If you are interested in joining the team please have a look at our staff vacancies page. Camping or camper vans are not allowed since we are living in the natural reserve.

Can kids/minors come to Sunseed?

Yes. Please fill in the booking form for them, sign the Minor Consent Form and send it to us. Pricing:

  • Kids 0-5 y.o. can stay with us for free - parents need to be onsite
  • 5-15 y.o. 50% of the price - parents need to be onsite
  • 15-18 y.o. 75% of the price if under supervision of parents.
  • 16-18 y.o. Full price without supervision of parents.
Parents pay the full price.

I have a disability. Can I come?

If you have physical limitations please bear in mind that the village terrain is very uneven, with lots of steps and most areas are not wheelchair accessible. 

Our staff are not trained in hosting people with physical disabilities or mental health problems, so we would ask you to email us first to discuss your needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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