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Current staff

Meet the team

Sunseed is a project of constant transition and knowledge-sharing. All our voluntary staff members offer their skills and energy to support our mission of low-impact living and environmental integrity. From self-sustainability and green energy, to community living, all our visitors gain practical experience to replicate in their own countries around the world.
Emerald, United Kingdom
Organic Gardens Coordinator
Since she was a child, Vega has been curious about how different cultures understand and relate to the nature around them. These interests and special connection with the Pachamama led her to study a BsC in International Development and the Environment. Focusing on environmental anthropology and traditional environmental knowledge and techniques as tools for a sustainable development. During her university studies she also discovered how happy she was to share experiences, learn and teach about nature. After working in different environmental NGOs and as an environmental educator in Spain, Bolivia and the UK, Vega came to Sunseed ready to grow as a person, share knowledge and demonstrate that a more sustainable lifestyle in harmony with Pachamama is possible.
Vega, Spain
Education Coordinator
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Harry, Australia
Drylands Restoration Coordinator
Smit, India
Appropriate Technology Coordinator
Architect and builder focused mostly around rural development, traditional building and territorial management. He has been traveling through different communities around Europe to learn about new ways to inhabit. Tries to combine the practical knowledge of handwork with research about sustainability and degrowth. Came to Sunseed to keep learning about construction and community development while escaping from the craziness of city life.
Cesar, Spain
Eco-Maintenance Coordinator
María, Spain
Communications Coordinator

Our trustees

Our board of six trustees has legal responsibility for Sunseed. The trustees oversee the work of the projects and ensure that our aims and objectives are being adhered to, that all financial arrangements are carried out, and that a good standard of health and safety is maintained. In addition to the Trustees, we also have a group of advisors who provide support for their department of interest, or to the project in general.

Most of our trustees have a specific responsibility to one department, which entails the following:
  • Maintaining continuity of oversight.
  • Encouraging and implementing agreed plans and objectives.
  • Supporting the staff members by written contact and discussion.
  • Receiving, reading and acknowledging monthly reports.
  • Receiving, reading and acknowledging periodic summaries, and checking that these appear on the website.
  • Looking at the viability of new projects.
  • Checking on staff availability.
  • Assisting in the appointment of new staff where applicable.
  • Facilitating the paperwork for contracts, travel details etc for new staff.

Current Trustees:
  • Diego Chico de Guzman
  • George Christofis
  • Sheila Andion Garcia
  • Piotr Jankowski
  • Almudena Fernandez Torres