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Welcome to Sunseed

We are a non-formal education project for the social ecological transition in Andalucía, southern Spain.

With more than 35 years of play, work, research, learning and experimenting, we aim to inspire and involve people from around the world to join the movement towards a culture of people and planet care. 
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Our Environmental Justice Struggle

River Aguas, providing water to 40 villages in the province of Almeria (including Los Molinos), is endangered due to the super-intensive monoculture olive plantations over-exploiting the aquifer 4 times faster than its capacity to recharge. This ecocide is recognised by the European Tribunal for the Rights of Nature.

Part of the bigger picture

We share and collaborate with the larger sustainability and regeneration network because we believe that by coming together we can make a bigger impact. 

From supporting European exchanges to promoting permaculture principles, we are devoted to bringing about positive change and solidarity.