Staff Positions

Please send us your CV and introduction letters if you are interested in joining our staff.

Let us know of your available start date and end date and what positions you are interested in.

We will accept CV’s for any position but we are currently looking for:

Drylands Management Coordinator

Eco construction Coordinator

Coordinator’s vacancies

We are open to get your CV and introduction letters if you are interested in joining us as a coordinator in one of the departments. The work in Sunseed Desert Technologies is divided in 6 departments which are managed by coordinators. These work together as a team to guarantee the development of the project. If you are interested in working as a volunteer coordinator in Sunseed, these vacancies are available for one year and will be published in different sites in Internet, also including ours. To know whether you are eligible for these vacancies look at the job descriptions of each department and also look the General for Volunteer Work. The work will be for one year minimum and can be renewed after a favorable first year. Please keep in mind that we can only accept candidates that can stay in the EU for one year or more, and that we can not help with the process to obtain a visa card.


2 Responses to Staff Positions

  1. phil poynter says:

    Hi sunseed…i am seeking to join in with a volunteering at your venture..i am able to bring lots of life practable and adaptable..i am fit for my age..i could may be stay as a paying guest firstly…to feel the group and see if it suits me and when is a good time to visit ?* Thsnks peace love harmony .philpoy.

    • admin says:

      Hi Phil
      Thanks for your comment. We would love to welcome you here as a volunteer so you can experience a working week in a low-impact educational centre where you live, work and eat together. In Easter we are almost full but other dates we can be very flexible … do you know what dates you would be interested in coming? In which department would you like to volunteer…or perhaps you’d prefer to try each one? [MC]

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