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Free Guided Tours

every Tuesday at 18:00

(Reservation needed)

Join us for free guided-visits to the project and our departments every Tuesday at 18:00. You can also join us for vegan/vegetarian lunch at 14:00 or dinner at 20.00 – for a minimum donation of 5€ per meal, per person. For more information and to reserve, contact us – 0034- 950 525770.

Guided Tours: General Tour,  Drylands Management Tour, Appropriate Technology Tour, Water Tour and Organic Gardens Tour.

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Our new timetable for our free guided tours is below. 

TOUR TIMETABLE SPRING 2014 2General Tour. Communication and Education Department.

Get to know the Sunseed Desert Technology project. The tour includes:

  • Introduction to Sunseed: vision and mission, brief history of the organisation and the village of Los Molinos.

  • Introduction to each of the departments: appropriate technology, eco-construction, sustainable living, organic growing, drylands management, and communication and education.

  • Tour of Sunseed’s facilities: vegetable gardens, community house, appropriate technology devices, tree nurseries, hydraulic ram pump.

  • Tour of Molinos del Río Aguas: history of the village and other projects in the area.


Drylands Management and Revegetation Department.

Get to know about the work of the department, its short and long term objectives, priorities, focal points and completed projects. The tour includes the following:

  • Introduction to Sunseed: vision and mission, brief history of the organisation and the village of Los Molinos.

  • Environmental context, Karst en Yesos de Sorbas Natural Area. Biodiversity. How plants adapt to this semi-arid environment.

  • Revegetation in the gypsum environment. Challenges, techniques, use of traditional, low impact methods.

  • “Arboretum” as an educational resource, research area and tree nursery.

  • Former projects and recent, practical case studies.

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Appropriate Technology Department

  • Introduction to Sunseed: vision and mission, brief history of the organisation and the village of Los Molinos.

  • Concept and rationale for the concept of Appropriate Technology.

  • Tour and explanation of the AT devices installed at Sunseed:

    • Techo Solar: hot water solar panel system, solar ovens, parabolic solar cooker, solar dryers.

    • Photovoltaic panels and energy control and storage devices.

    • Biomass cooker.

    • Energy monitoring system and information display panel.

    • Thermal mass stove in the main house.

    • Hydraulic ram pump. Explanation of the technological principle and its social value in Los Molinos.

    • Wind turbine.


Organic Gardens Tour Summary

Sunseed has six gardens designated for fruit and vegetable production. We use only ecological growing methods, which means we do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

On a tour of the gardens you will see:

  • which crops we are currently growing – this changes with the seasons

  • different irrigation techniques including traditional flood irrigation using our 400 year old irrigation channel, built by the Moors, and modern drip-irrigation systems

  • our soil fertility building methods e.g. composting, and liquid fertilisers made from local plants

  • how we make a nutitious compost from human waste using compost toilets


Sunseed Water Tour

Situated in the driest region in Europe, the tiny village of Los Molinos has the only river in Almeria Province that carries water all year round. It is the Rio de Aguas that feeds the ancient irrigation line and breathes life into the village and beautiful valley.

The Water Tour includes a walk along the irrigation system. This is 1000m long. 100m runs through rock tunnels dating back to Moorish times. It used to feed water-powered mills, hence the name Los Molinos.

The tour also visits Sunseed’s Ram Pump. This is fed by the irrigation line and supplies most of the houses in the village with water for domestic use. The Ram Pump is a great example of Appropriate Technology, powered by the fall of water and simple to use.

On the tour is Sunseed’s Waste Water System. This aims to return water to the river as clean as possible. For this reason Sunseed has a no chemical policy.