Seminars at Sunseed

seminarios en Sunseed

Every week at Sunseed, a seminar is held by either one of our staff or volunteers. It is an opportunity to share and communicate something that you feel that is of interest or passionate about, and also reaffirms Sunseed´s ethos of being a place of education, sharing knowledge, having debate and discussion about the world that we live in. Many volunteers give feedback that the seminars are one of the highlights of their week here. It is a great chance to learn something new and connect to other people on the project and what they are specialised in or fascinated about. Examples of seminar topics vary and have included: different country profiles, menstrual activism, facilitation techniques, bats, veganism, the history of Sunseed, biomass stoves, natural toothpaste and conflcit resolution to name but a few!

So far in 2014, we have enjoyed seminars on:

The Permaculture of Money – a look at the dysfunctions of the conventional money system using permaculture values – people care, earth care and fair shares – and some key permaculture principles applied to the money system. Followed by a discussion of monetary reform campaigns and the burgeoning network of alternative money systems – LETSystems, Gift economies, Timebanking, P2P finance, virtual currencies and microfinance.

Digital consumer consciousness – an awareness-raising seminar focused on the Internet and user profiles recorded by major Internet companies and search engines. Alternative options for increased privacy/anonymity were also discussed.

The Mindful Meditation techniques and ideas championed by Jon Kabat Zinn

Belief Systems and Disgust: Why do we think they way we do sometimes? And how to challenge or be aware of it, especially when it comes to using compost toilets!


The Economics of Happiness: A fascinating documentary produced by Ancient Futures which challenges the concept of growth, and how to treasure well being, community and identity within our societies

Fasting: The benefits and theories behind fasting for your body and mind

Project Planning: How organisations can channel their energies effectively and efficiently to achieve goals


Thermal Mass Stoves: We are in the middle of constructing a new stove. This seminar was about the such a technology and how we can benefit from it at Sunseed, as well as the design we are getting.

Making Soap with Ash: How to produce a cleaning product with another low impact resource.

Water Privatisation: We watched a documentary on this serious subject and the impact that this global trend is having on both the environment and people.


Taxonomy: The fascinating world of plant classification and why it is so useful for growers everywhere

The Corn Industry: Another thought provoking documentary called King Corn and the huge impact that the monocultured corn industry is having on American society´s health, environment, food culture and farming communities.

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If you are thinking of coming to Sunseed, feel free to bring a presentation or film on something that you would like to share and discuss. We will always welcome the opportunity to learn something new.


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