About Us

Welcome to Sunseed!

Our Vision: To discover how to live a healthy and ecologically responsible life working with nature

Our Mission: To realise, demonstrate and communicate appropriate and low-technology solutions that support a low-impact lifestyle.
Our Commitment: To live with low impact on the environment we live in:

  • we operate closed loop systems for all our raw materials such as water and food waste
  • we use solar power to generate electricity – the whole village is off-grid for power
  • we maintain organic gardens
  • we research and manage drylands to protect soil from erosion
  • we eat a vegetarian diet
  • we build and use energy efficient devices such as solar ovens, thermal mass stoves, solar dryers, a haybox
  • we reduce, reuse, repair and recycle as much as we can

Sunseed History

In 2011 Sunseed celebrated 25 years of work, play, research, learning and transformation. We also continue looking forward to Sunseed’s adaptation and evolution with the new challenges of the 21st Century. Read more….

Who lives here

The staff team has a core of coordinators who are here all year. They are supported by assistants who usually stay between 3-6 months. Each Coordinator is responsible for a Department Read more…

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