2013 Courses!

Most of the Autumn Courses are pay what you can plus 15-20€ per day ( extra food and lodge)

Sunseed welcomed several courses in 2012, including courses on Solar cooking and solar cookers, Stove making, Plastering, Photovoltaics, making Pedal-Powered electricity generators, DIY Solar Hot Water Panels and a very special 7-day residential course on personal and social transformation called Seeding Change. A complete list of courses we will welcome for all 2013 are still to be fully-determined, but we do know that we’re hosting winter courses here at Sunseed. On January 11-13th, we worked with Bernhard Hartl to learn about pruning fruit trees and throughout February and early March we will be taking up two courses on designing and building gray-water treatment systems! In March and April we are hosting courses about designing and installing Solar Panels, as well as building gasifying cookers and a course on how to live more simply.

Autumn Courses:

7 & 8 September


We will learn many low impact ways of living including cooking with the sun, biomass gasification stoves, plant recognition and baking bread.

* * *

14 & 15 September


Theoretical and practical learning to design and install,either autonomous or hybrid, self-made solar electric systems for your home.

* * *

21 & 22 September


Land Management in semi-arid environments. Vegetal regeneration and sustainable use of natural resources.

* * *

28 & 29 September


Theoretical and practical learning about  the use of different biomass as fuel for cooking. You can make your own biomass gasification stove.

* * *

5 October

SEED SAVING: Heirloom and other Pollinated Varieties

Learn how to select and save your own seeds from different varieties of veggies and aromatics.

* * *

12 & 13 October


Basic principles for self sufficiency and low impact living. The course includes guided tour of Sunseed project and different workshops including cooking with the sun, biomass gasification stoves, and baking bread.

* * *

19 & 20 October


Planning your garden, making & using compost, irrigation systems, choosing and using tools, assessing soil health, basic soil ecology, mulching, plant propogation, crop rotations…

* * *

2 – 16 November- 90 hours (14 days)


International Certification: with Antonio Scotti and Kirsty Heron, organized by Cultura de la Tierra. Contact:

* * *

Grundtvig Course: Learning from the natural world- is there a place for nature rights and ecocitizens in Europe?

Booking conditions for all courses

Most of the courses will be run in English and Spanish. You need no previous experience or knowledge to join a course with us – all are welcome. In addition to learning lots of new things you will also be part of a low impact community in the beautiful surroundings of Los Molinos del Rio de Aguas in Southern Spain. FOR JOINING A COURSE BOOKING IS NEEDED

  • Refunds up to two weeks prior to course (minus 30 euro admin fee).
  • No refunds for cancellations within two weeks of course.
  • If there’s not a minimum of bookings, course will canceled and refunds will be 100%.
  • For further information and to register,  contact us

If you would like to hear about our courses please keep an eye on this page or contact us and request to join our mailing list.

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