Introduction to Ecovillage Living

1. Course overview
2. Schedule
3. Pricing
4. Booking

1. Course overview

What does it mean to live in an eco-community? How can I reduce my impact on the environment? If these questions mean something to you, come and join us for one week full of exciting learnings about all different aspects of sustainable living in our thriving educational project in the South of Spain.

You will be part of our community of volunteers and have the opportunity to experiment what does it mean to live sustainably in an off-grid village while learning different tools that make living together more meaningful.

The topics covered include:

  • Organic gardening
  • Eco-construction
  • Making natural products
  • Appropriate technologies
  • Water treatment
  • Wild plants and reforestation
  • Group facilitation
  • Transition movement

2. Schedule

The course will take place from March, 25th to April, 1st. The first and last day will be dedicated to arrivals and departures.
This is a general idea of the day-by-day structure. The final detailed program will be posted soon! In a meantime have a look on the detailed report from the last course.

07:30-08:30 Breakfast
08:30-09:00 Household
09:00-11:00 Session 1
11:00-11:30 Break
11:30-13:30 Session 2
13:30-15:30 Lunch
15:30-17:30 Session 3
17:30-18:00 Break
18:00-19:30 Theory and evaluation
19:30-22:30 Dinner, free time and evening activities

Two daily sessions will be crash courses in each aspect of ecovillage living, and there will be practical workshops to explore some topics more in-depth. In the late afternoon, we will cover some theoretical aspects of community living and present some tool for sharing emotions, design projects and make decisions horizontally. In the night there will be either free time or fun!

3. Pricing

The pricing is flexible – please choose the option that suits you best.

I want to cover the expenses, show my appreciation and gratitude for the experience, as well as Sunseed´s impact on bringing positive change in the world.
I want to cover the expenses and improve the project’s financial stability.
I just want to cover the expenses of organising the course.

The cost covers:

  • the full programme of activities
  • accomodation (7 days) in shared bedrooms with communal toilets
  • 3 vegetarian meals a day

4. Bookings

For bookings, please fill in the form and make a 50% deposit. We will send you deposit information by email.

If you have any further question, don’t hesitate to write us an email sunseed (at), indicating “Introduction to Ecovillage Living” as a subject.

Here you can find our refunds and cancellation policy