The Eco-maintenance Department is responsible for the upkeep and expansion of the project site and our buildings. This requires the regular repair and maintenance of the project buildings and services, including the houses and irrigation line.

The Eco-maintenance Coordinator is also responsible for the initiation and implementation of new works for infrastructure and research purposes. In all cases, a mixture of traditional and ecological building methods and materials are used.

In addition, the Eco-maintenance coordinator is committed to new innovation on the project, so encourage volunteers to come with an idea of the work they hope to achieve. If you would like to volunteer in eco-construction it’s a good idea to get in touch with the coordinator in advance by emailing to discuss your ideas and skills.

The responsibilities of the Eco-Maintenance Coordinator are wide and require all-round skills ranging from plumbing repairs to joinery. Volunteers from many countries are keen to help with the building work, often having more enthusiasm than skills. Good teaching and supervisory skills are therefore required along with an excellent understanding for the need and application of clear Health and Safety standards.

An irrigation channel dating from the time of the Moors runs through the village and is crucial for watering the gardens. The channel requires much maintenance, both to clear landslips and to mend leaks.

In line with our philosophy we recycle and reuse materials wherever possible and make as much use from locally available materials such as river stones and caña (a locally growing cane). However, we are wanting to incorporate more ecological building materials into the traditional method of building.

Click here to read possible projects for a placement in the the Eco-construction and Maintenance department. If you would like to ensure your involvement in the department’s work, or if you have a great idea and you can’t find it in the projects’ page, please get in touch with the Eco-construction and Maintenance coordinator before coming to Sunseed.