Sustainable Living


How does it look and what does it mean to live in a sustainable manner? Continuing the evolution of an answer is what the Sustainable Living department humbly attempts on a daily basis in a community that continues to vary in size, attitude and preference.

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Jan 2015

The lovely place where our sourdough bread rises

The SL Coordinator plays a central role in promoting low-impact, sustainable living in everyday life at Sunseed and in developing relationships with the wider local community. Volunteering in the SL department can see you involved in many varied tasks related to making the community household run more smoothly.

Duties include mapping wild produce, trees and sourcing local ingredients to make soaps, shampoo, cosmetics and candles. Taking care of household is also the responsibility of Sustainable Living so that means welcoming volunteers to make their stay comfortable, doing laundry and making sure the food store and supplies keep fresh, inviting and inspiring.

Concentrate – here comes the science bit:

Cutting soap so it can be cured for a month (restoring its pH level)

Marcus, Sustainable Living Coordinator

We work closely with Organic Growing to ensure our fresh produce is widely used in the kitchen and that any excess is preserved. All-round sun means we always try to avoid reliance on fossil fuels, experimenting with the solar cooker (for drying and baking) as well as the hay-box in the kitchen.

Food policy Oct 18-2010

Inviting our volunteers to be involved in our Food Policy always makes for interesting opinions – we are a vegetarian project that has always sourced fresh food as locally and mindfully as we can, considering environmental and social impact. When a new volunteer arrives, a detailed induction is available to direct all the practical aspects of this rich and varied department, and project.10689640_10205294313936353_3721180977733263453_n

Volunteers prepare aubergine for the solar dryer