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Department Summary: The Sustainable Living (SL) department co-ordinates the smooth running of Sunseed’s low-impact lifestyle. Read more… Latest News: Click here for the latest news of the Sustainable Living department. Project Packs: Click here to read possible projects for a placement in the Sustainable Living department. Sustainable Living Co-ordinator: Find our more information about the SL co-ordinator.

Sustainable Living DepartmentThe Sustainable Living (SL) department co-ordinates the smooth running of Sunseed’s low-impact lifestyle.

Cooking with solar cooker – cocinando con el sol

This includes overseeing shared cooking and cleaning duties, implementing the Sunseed Food Policy (to ensure an ethical, local, healthy and low-cost vegetarian diet), running extensive introductory tours of the project for new volunteers and helping them to settle in, organising accommodation and communal living spaces; and monitoring health and safety.

Volunteers making bread – haciendo pan

Foodpolicy Oct 18-2010

SL works closely with other Sunseed departments, for example with Organic Growing to ensure our fresh produce is widely used in the kitchen and that any excess is preserved; with Eco-Construction and Maintenance on accommodation and living space improvements; and with Appropriate Technology on solar cooking and other alternative food preparation techniques such as the haybox and solar dryers.


The SL Coordinator plays a central role in promoting low-impact, sustainable living in everyday life at Sunseed and in developing relationships with the wider local community. Volunteering in the SL department can see you involved in tasks such as measuring the carbon output of a Sunseed stay, making cleaning products from ash from our clay oven, making chutneys with our local produce and many more. It can also involve a bit of taste testing!

Ana and Otto

Sustainable Living Coordinator

553382_10150897769704988_1166056819_nAna enjoys best how to teach about ways to live more simply; baking bread, making wild foods and ycreating natural-care products from plants in the campo. Los Molinos is a valley rich in natural materials, and she likes to find them to help decorate, build and create healthy ways to live closer to the land. She likes to teach us Spanish here, and make sure we are well fed/clothed/cleaned/and partied, and then does it in style. She knows many miles of beaches, paths and mountain valley paths around Los Molinos in Almeria province, and especially the good places for the tapas after a good walk. She is the right person to ask if you’re looking for magic treasures in the campo, and knows pools and caves. In her free time, you will find her swimming in the river with the turtles because she really loves animals and especially her doggie Otto El Piloto. She hopes you will bring your own secrets about living more simply and share them here, as she is always looking for ways to increase her learning and better here living.

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